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Where was Elves Netflix Filmed? Greater Copenhagen, Denmark Explored!

Dec 2, 2021 @ 4:01 EST
Where was Elves Netflix Filmed? Greater Copenhagen, Denmark Explored!

Fans are wondering about where Elves Netflix was filmed. Where does Elves take place? The filming location happens to be Copenhagen, Denmark.

Netflix's Danish horror show Elves, developed by Stefan Jaworski, revolves around a family of four who travels to a desolate island to celebrate Christmas.

Their plans for a fun time are derailed when the youngest kid brings a baby elf to their home. Her actions have serious ramifications, as the savage elves who occupy the island begin to assault the human settlement around them.

Originally called Nisser, the spectacle is a terrifying reimagining of elf legend set against the background of an uncanny island woodland. The show's dramatic storyline and fascinating visual presentation engage audiences in the atmosphere of the strange island where the family spends their holiday.

As the bone-chilling woods become a mystery character in the story, one can't help but wonder where the series is shot. On that point, let us reveal the filming locations.

Elves Filming Locations: Greater Copenhagen, Denmark

Elves on Netflix was shot entirely in Denmark, particularly in the Greater Copenhagen area. Season 1 filming started in October 2020. The series is set on Aarmands, a fictitious Danish archipelago island.

The location is represented by the neighboring Greater Copenhagen in Denmark. Let's get into the specifics now.

The production is completely set mostly around Greater Copenhagen, Denmark. The metropolitan area includes Copenhagen, Denmark's capital, as well as the neighboring regions. The debut season was shot in the woods somewhere outside the capital city's metropolitan center.

The captivating wildlands of the region provide the ideal background for the terrifying story. The dark Nordic woodlands add to the show's mystique and add aspects of ambiguity and ghostliness to the horror narrative.

The Horror Series is Filmed Entirely in Denmark

The legend of Elves is important in Scandinavian culture and folk tales. As the show attempts to reinvent folklore through a darker perspective, it is critical that the location stand up to the weirdness of the storyline.

The terrifying woodlands of Greater Copenhagen excel at this, as they magnificently establish the elves' blood-curdling existence in the story.

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