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Where was Archive 81 Filmed? Netflix Filming Locations Explored!

Jan 18, 2022 @ 9:20 EST
Where was Archive 81 Filmed? Netflix Filming Locations Explored!

Archive 81 on Netflix was filmed in Pennsylvania for its urban backdrop. Interior shots filmed on soundstage were done in Marshall Township. A private residence was rented to depict the protagonist's workplace. Grab details of the entire Archive 81 filming locations here.

Archive 81 is an American horror series inspired by a popular podcast of the same name that follows archivist Dan Turner who gets too drawn in and invested in investigating a dangerous cult at the Visser apartment building after he starts reconstructing and then watching the videotapes of Melody Pendras.

The show was written by Paul Harris Boardman and stars Mamoudou Athie and Dina Shihabi in leading roles.

Archive 81 was released on Netflix - all eight episodes on January 14, 2022. In the show, viewers can see an archivist watching the tapes in a compound, and features grimy landscapes as it is a horror genre.

The settings of the show switch between urban landscapes and the stark void of a compound that is the protagonist's workplace.

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Where was Archive 81 Filmed?

Pennsylvania is the major filming location of Archive 81. The show was shot primarily in Pennsylvania in studios as well as on-location. Various locations in the city were used as stand-ins for the Big Apple as the series was set in New York City.

Pittsburgh of Pennsylvania has mostly provided the show its urban backdrop as much of the horror series is filmed there. Multiple locations of and around the downtown area have been used to film such as Boulevard of the Allies near Market Square and Point Park University.

Few scenes were shot in downtown Pittsburgh at 440 First Avenue in Blaqk House Collections Art Gallery. The building at 11 Stanwix Street was a stand-in for Virgil's office.

The North Side of Pittsburgh, which is situated to the north of the Ohio and Allegheny, was also used for lensing. The production team filmed numerous scenes on the busy East Ohio Street, which was used to simulate New York on the show.

Season 1 was mostly filmed outside a record store The Government Center at 715 East Street, and Bernie's Photo Center on 523 East Ohio Street was modified to simulate a hardware and videography store.

One of the most fascinating locations where the filming has been done that the Pittsburgh locales might recognize is the stately Tudor-style Hartwood Acres Mansion at 200 Hartwood Acres.

East Liberty Presbyterian Church on 116 South Highland Avenue, The Rex Theater (permanently closed) at 1602 East Carson Street, and Ritter’s Diner on 5221 Baum Boulevard are the other noteworthy locations in Pittsburgh that the series was shot in.

A private residence outside Pittsburgh is the remote research compound where Dan spends most of his time restoring and watching tapes of the Visser building. The interior of the home was constructed using sets built on a soundstage in Warrendale.

Besides Pittsburgh, a significant portion of the show was also filmed in Marshall Township, which is less than twenty miles from there. Most of the shooting there was not done on location but soundstage.

The places in Marshall Township have no bearing on the show as mostly interior scenes are shot here, especially scenes featuring special effects. The shooting crew also carried out shooting in Mr. Smalls Theatre on 400 Lincoln Avenue in the borough of Milvale.

Principal photography was started on November 16, 2020, and was wrapped up on March 29, 2021.

How is the Netflix Horror Archive 81 Received?

Review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes shows a 95% approval rating with an average rating of 7.2/10, based on 19 critic reviews for Archive 81. It is described as a perfect mix of horror, thriller, and psychology that captures the viewers' attention from the get-go.

According to the critics, Archive 81 is an intriguing blend of horror and noir and offers addictive supernatural thrills that are haunting in the best way.

Metacritic reports a score of 73 out of 100 based on 15 critics, indicating generally favorable reviews for Archive 81.

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