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Where Does Sadie Sink Live? Does the Netflix Star Still Live With Her Parents? How Old Is She?

Aug 9, 2022 @ 6:01 EDT
Where Does Sadie Sink Live? Does the Netflix Star Still Live With Her Parents? How Old Is She?

Sadie Sink, one of the cast members of Netflix's Stranger Things, currently lives in between Atlanta for work, her home in New York, and her parent's house in New Jersey. However, we're unaware of the exact location the 20-year-old star now lives in.

Fans are still curious about what will happen to one of the show's best characters now that Stranger Things Season 4 on Netflix has concluded and the stage has been set for Vecna to wage war in the series' final season. Max Mayfield, portrayed by Sadie Sink, served as the unexpected hero of Netflix's latest season since her sadness and guilt over Billy's passing put the youngster in Vecna's eyes.

Max, unfortunately, could only hold off the bad guy for so long. Even Eleven, who had entered Max's consciousness to battle Vecna, was powerless to stop the demon from carrying out his ritual. Vecna's grand plot was successful, but El was able to save Max, with varying degrees of success.

Apart from the show, Sadie Sink is currently making headlines regarding her dating life. Similarly, some fans have been curious to know about her other details as well. They wonder where she was born and where she lives now. Where does the Netflix star live? Let's find it out.

Sadie Sink Lives in Between Atlanta for Work, Her Apartment in New York, and Her Parent’s House in New Jersey: How Old Is She?

Sadie Sink (@sadiesink_) currently lives in between Atlanta for work, her apartment in New York, and her parent's house in New Jersey. The 20-year-old Netflix star is currently making headlines because of her dating rumors and the fact that she was almost abandoned for her role.

Season four of the acclaimed Netflix series Stranger Things premiered in July after a lengthy hiatus. The episode put a lot of emphasis on Max Mayfield, and Sadie was praised for her performance. Max made her television debut in season two, and as she joined the tight-knit circle of friends, she immediately gained popularity.

When Vecna, the most recent villain, claimed her as a victim in season four, the character was thrown even more into the spotlight. While it would be difficult for viewers to imagine someone else playing Max, actress Sadie recently confessed that her age nearly cost her the job that would have been her big break.

She has come a long way since she started portraying her role in the Netflix series. Talking about her early life, Sadie Sink was born on April 16, 2002, in Brenham, Texas. Her mother teaches math, while her father is a football coach. She has a younger sister and three elder brothers. She hardly gets time to catch her breath these days. The young actress lives in between Atlanta for work, her home in New York, and her parent's house in New Jersey.

Despite having no family members in the acting industry, she found herself drawn to the idea of pursuing a career in acting. She studied music, dance, and singing in addition to acting when she was still a young child. During her school years, she and her older brother shared the stage in a number of performances.

She soon started making appearances in plays as well. In 2013, she made her television debut in a minor role on the show The Americans. She appeared in one episode of the show. Later, she made an appearance in a related position on Blue Bloods. Soon, she was cast as Suzanne Ballard in the American Odyssey, a role that would define her career.

Later, Sadie Sink soared to stardom and became one of the most well-known young performers in the nation in 2017 after she was chosen to play one of the major characters in the second season of the fantasy series Stranger Things.

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