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Who Killed Sara: What Kind of Car Does Alex Drive? Know More About the 1978 Dodge Valiant Super Bee!

May 30, 2022 @ 10:14 EDT
Who Killed Sara: What Kind of Car Does Alex Drive? Know More About the 1978 Dodge Valiant Super Bee!

Alex Guzman, one of the major characters of Netflix's 'Who Killed Sara?', drives the 1978 Dodge Valiant Super Bee through the series after being released from prison. The car grabbed the attention of many viewers as it is a rare car and was only produced for 10 years in Mexico. Follow the article to know more about the car.

'Who Killed Sara?' (originally titled Quién Mató a Sara?) is a Mexican criminal drama series on Netflix about Alex Guzman, who is suspected of killing his own sister, Sara. He's determined to find out who the true killer is and establish his innocence after serving 18 years in prison. However, he soon discovers that the truth is far more complicated than he had anticipated.

The mystery series, created by Jose Ignacio Valenzuela, stars Leo Deluglio, Manolo Cardona, Alejandro Nones, Ximena Lamadrid, and Carolina Miranda, and boasts superb performances from a brilliant ensemble of cast members.

In the series, Alex Guzman drives a very unique car which got a lot of attention. Some viewers claimed that it is reminiscent of some American muscle cars from the mid-70s through early 80s, and even some of the Japanese sports couples from the mid/late 70s like the Celica GT. So, let's find out which car Alex drives in the Netflix series.

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What Kind of Car Does Alex Drive in Who Killed Sara? Why Is 1978 Dodge Valiant Super Bee Rare in America?

Despite the fact that Who Killed Sara is not a car show, fans of the show can't help but be captivated by Alex Guzman's (Manolo Cardona) 1970s muscle car. The make and type of Alex's hotrod remain as mysterious as the show's circumstances when he takes the streets after being wrongfully accused of his sister's death.

Alex's hotrod has been a feature of the show for the three seasons since it first aired in early 2021, partly because the 1978 Super Bee Dodge Valiant is so unfamiliar to American audiences. Alex Guzman's 1978 Dodge Valiant Super Bee has been his ride-or-die loyal steed since he got out of an 18-year jail sentence after being wrongly accused of the killing of his sister Sara.

The Valiant Super Bee was only made in Mexico and was built from the front end of a US Dodge Aspen and the back end of a US Plymouth Volare. The Valiant Super Bee was Chrysler's Mexican response to the E-Body, and it was only produced for ten years, from 1970 to 1980.

Chrysler produced and sold the A-Body Barracuda in Mexico until 1969; however, in 1970, Chrysler's North American team introduced the all-new E-Body for its sportier cars. Manufacturing the E-Body proved too expensive for Chrysler's Mexican team since it was impossible to import cheaper parts due to Mexican legislation that required at least 60% of the parts used on vehicles sold in Mexico to be produced domestically.

As a result, Chrysler installed a 318-cubic-inch small-block engine to its existing popular A-Body and dubbed it the Super Bee. Even when the Chrysler F-Body was introduced in North America in 1975, the Super Bee label was retained. The 1976 Valiant Super Bee was joined by less powerful vehicles branded as the Dodge Dart and Valiant Volare, each with a 360-cubic-inch small-block engine rated at 300 horsepower.

The strong engine of the Valiant Super Bee was made possible in part by Mexico's low pollution restrictions, but it proved to be a far faster car than anything based on the North American F-Body. In fact, the Valiant Super Bee was used as a chase vehicle by the Mexican federal highway patrol for several years due to its amazing speed.

The fact that Alex Guzman drove one in Who Killed Sara may have something to do with the car's past as a police cruiser. Alex isn't a cop, in fact, he's a convicted felon but he spends the entire series utilizing his Valiant Super Bee to investigate the murder of his sister.

The Dodge Valiant Super Bee had a 360-cubic-inch 5.2-liter LA V8 small-block engine by 1978. With the Chrysler 727 Torqueflite automatic transmission, the Super Bee could easily produce over 300 horsepower, proving that this hot rod can still keep up with the best of them 40 years later.

Dodge Valiant Super Bees cross the border for auction every now and then, despite being rare on American streets. While costs vary depending on condition and usage, used Valiant Super Bees often retail for between $15,000 and $20,000.


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