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What Is Wrong With Denny on Virgin River? Does He Have Any Secret? Season 4 Update!

Jul 23, 2022 @ 12:18 EDT
What Is Wrong With Denny on Virgin River? Does He Have Any Secret? Season 4 Update!

Fans wonder what is wrong with Denny in Netflix's Virgin River as he acts very different and tries to hide something from everyone. Well, he is suffering from Huntington's disease which was also the reason why he was unable to make a commitment to Lizzie. He told about his condition to Doc but asks him to keep it a secret. Denny is, so far, alive in Season 4 but it will be interesting to watch him in Season 5 of the series.

The Netflix romance drama series Virgin River, created by Sue Tenney, is based on the novels of American author Robyn Carr. The majority of the action takes place in the story's fictional Californian town. Melinda "Mel" Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge), a nurse practitioner and midwife, travels to Virgin River in search of a change following the terrible death of her husband.

Since the 2019 release of Virgin River on Netflix, the series has been full of dramatic turns and twists. Denny Cutler's presence in the final episode of Season 3 was another. His presence only grows stronger throughout Season 4 as his ultimate goal in Virgin River becomes obvious.

Denny creates a lot of questions among Virgin River residents and viewers throughout the season. Viewers find he is really up to something throughout the season. Well, what is wrong with Denny? Let's find it right below.

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Virgin River Season 4: What Is Wrong With Denny? Why Is He Keeping His Health Condition a Secret?

Denny Cutler went to Doc's house at the beginning of Season 4 to identify himself as his grandson. He revealed that his grandmother, Rose Miller, had told him about Vernon, and Rose was one of Doc's previous love interests.

Rose's sister had informed Doc that Rose was dead, but in reality, she was still alive and had given birth to a son, who later had Denny. Doc was thrilled to have another family member in town after he learned the truth and introduced him to Lizzie. Lizzie and he developed a romance throughout the series but Denny was very reserved. He was confirmed to have terminal Huntington's disease by the end of the series.

Other residents had warned Doc that Denny might be in town to take his money. He broke into the clinic's medicine cabinet with the excuse that he needed aspirin, which made things worse. Later, as Denny was taking pictures of Doc's medical records, he was seen walking to a bank to transfer a sizable sum of money.

When Doc found his plan, Denny explained that he intended to use the insurance settlement he received in the case of his father's passing to pay off the clinic's mortgage. When Lizzie discovered a bottle of Klonopin in his drawer, the mystery intensified even more.

Denny said that he had taken the medication for anxiousness, but it was untrue. Finally, he admitted that he had Huntington's Disease and that this was the reason he was unable to make a commitment to Lizzie.

He had told Doc the truth, and Doc had encouraged him to get care, but it was clear that Doc had sworn to keep his illness a secret. Denny was using the drug to prevent seizures. After returning from Lizzie's house, he passed out and claimed he was only dehydrated.

Denny felt ashamed of his condition, Huntington's disease, which is why this was most likely a symptom of it. Over time, Huntington's disease prevents certain regions of the brain from functioning normally.

His mother or father may have had the illness because it is inherited from the parents. Denny revealed that he only lived with his grandma because both of his parents had passed away. It's possible that one of them passed away from sickness.

Mood swings, uncontrollable movements, hallucinations, and communication problems are some of the symptoms.  People might soon start to notice Denny's behavioral changes as a result. Lizzie and his future as a couple was not made clear at the season's end. Lizzie is probably going to respond that she doesn't actually care about his health and that she would stand with him no matter what. We have to wait for Season 5 to see what happens next with him.

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