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Archive 81: Wellspring DNA Testing from Season 1 on Netflix!

Jan 16, 2022 @ 10:26 EST
Archive 81: Wellspring DNA Testing from Season 1 on Netflix!

Archive 81 fans can't help but wonder about Wellspring DNA testing from Season 1 Episode 2 on Netflix. Let's discover details of the Wellspring DNA company.

In Season 1 Episode 2 of Archive 81 on Netflix, an advertisement, which we may assume is a VHS that Dan is focusing on, depicts people from many ethnicities enjoying the company of their families.

Meanwhile, fans are particularly curious about Wellspring DNA Testing. So, without further ado, let's get right to it.

Previously, we explained the Baldung Witches, Archive 81 ending, Comet Kharon, whether or not it's based on a true story, and discussed Matt McGorry's weight gain and speculated wife.

In addition, we've touched on Evie Crest, Kaelego, the Visser Apartments building, the Vos Society, and the filming location of this horror series.

Archive 81: What is Wellspring DNA Testing?

The ad on Archive 81, we mentioned earlier, is for Wellspring, a firm that delivers DNA testing. Melody tells a fortune teller that she is looking for a scholar. Julia Bennett happens to be her name. She resided there in the 1970s and mysteriously disappeared after vanishing off the face of the planet.

The third card of the fortune teller sets an awful tone for everybody. She then instructs her not to be concerned.

She does, though, bring Melody to a letterbox on the fourth level. This specific package is always packed to the brim with items. That lady could be the one she's searching for. Melody is then discovered attempting to rip off a portion that is not hers.

The guy who intended to unlock the gate for her (and had cornered her in the stairway) then grabbed her. Samuel approaches her and invites her out.

She agrees, but as she prepares for the date, she hears a message from Dan's dad. He'd like to check up on Melody and see how she's doing. He appears to be a previous patient.

Dan is having a difficult day on Archive 81. He can't get in touch with his direct supervisor. His closest mate (played by Matt McGorry) does not return his call, and Dan has a dream in which his father enters his room and leads him to a door.

Melody appears when he unlocks it, and he awakens. When he conducts a phone call in the bushes, he notices somebody in a red winter jacket jog off from him.

In the meantime, Samuel takes Melody to the opera on Archive 81. Melody, on the other hand, is experiencing a panic attack. He detects this and instead brings her to a bar. She inquires about the hidden sex club mentioned by the fortune teller on the fifth level.

Samual informs her that she is most likely referring to the Visser Historical Society. (Not only Melody, but the entire audience, is surprised that this is a thing.)

Anyway, when it comes to sleeping with an attractive girl, men do what they do on Archive 81. Samual hands her a "skeleton" key, which unlocks the mailbox. She kisses him passionately, and he goes to get some whiskey for a pint or two.

Melody enters the mailbox to find that all of her mail has vanished, and her new acquaintance Jess walks up behind her. She claims that a lady is banging on everybody's door, pleading for her.

As a result, Jess has allowed her to stay at Melody's flat. It's Anabelle, and she advised Dan's father to call her since she was her therapist.

So, Dan wishes to tidy up the kitchen mess that his new pet Rat has made. He enters the storeroom and gets the broom, but he finds what appears to be a new wall behind the massive shelves of commercial advertising to pay for the show.

Dan from Archive 81 then notes how empty each side feels. He takes a wrench, rips down a wall, and discovers dark steps leading down to a hidden floor/basement. There seems to be a damaged metal door and lots of empty spaces.

There are file cabinets, hundreds of VHS cassettes, and a chamber that serves as a Christian faith church. He discovers the etchings "TB + AF" on the underside of one of the seats.

Obviously, Virgil then comes into the room. Just because something unethical is happening doesn't mean you have to commit destruction of property. He starts to emphasize that his family's gift was merely a token.

There's also a debating club on Archive 81. He recalls how his family would argue about the virtues of Christianity, and how he came to believe that Jesus was a demon.

Archive 81's Wellspring: How Does Season 1 Episode 2 End?

As the Archive 81 story progresses, Virgil says that he founded a beautiful little company named Wellspring that does DNA testing. He thinks it's a tremendous thing to be able to tell others where they originated from.

Virgil then tells Dan that he had no idea Dan's father was lately involved. He also left us with this nugget: Dan's dad, an NYU lecturer & psychiatrist, had a complete meltdown.

Dan takes out another cassette on Archive 81 and observes Melody as she hears a repetitive, musical sound coming from her exhaust. She approaches the common room after wandering down the stairway with her camera recorded.

The entire place is filled with Visser people who are literally speaking in tongues. She conceals in the storage room with everybody's, you know, coats while they have what we can only imagine is a form of a prayer meeting in front of some demonic statue.

She comes into the room as they depart to examine the cabinet that houses the statue. It features the same insignia as the structure exterior. After that, she senses footsteps.

Tamara, the opera singer from Archive 81, shuts the door with Samuel indoors, and she starts to cover behind the furniture. They start kissing. They move it to another room, and as their sexual noises become more audible, the tape emits a piercing shriek that causes Dan to hide his ears.

Anabelle is taking a nap on the sofa when Melody returns to her place. She informs her what transpired, and her best friend suggests that they leave. Melody starts to pause, and her pal wonders why.

Because her mother, Lila, is not her biological mother. Melody has been informed that her birth mother is currently residing in the Visser and must ascertain when she would be leaving. Could it be two worlds colliding on Archive 81?

Worse, when Dan rides Virgil's bike to grab coffee with his best friend, Mark, he informs him that the gloomy melody played by the Visser Historical Society was penned by his sisters years ago.

The revelations, on the other hand, are just getting underway. Mark has a personal one. He then informs Dan that Melody is still alive and well in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

She was not killed in the fire and may be able to help Dan comprehend what occurred with his father.

Archive 81 is currently streaming on Netflix.

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