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Wataru from Love is Blind Japan: Birthday, Job, Instagram Explored!

Feb 23, 2022 @ 9:36 EST
Wataru from Love is Blind Japan: Birthday, Job, Instagram Explored!

Wataru from Love is Blind Japan celebrates his birthday on 20th March. He has a job as an IT Executive. Take a look at how Wataru relieves Midori's fear of marriage in the new Netflix show, Love is Blind: Japan. Also, know what Midori's final decision was about her marriage with Wataru and know if they are still together. Find both Wataru and Midori on Instagram.

To say the least, the final episode of Love is Blind: Japan on Netflix was suspenseful. Would Midori give in to her concerns about marriage's foundation? Continue reading to learn more.

We know that Midori has been debating whether or not marriage is in the pods since she first saw Wataru in the pods. Despite the fact that she and Wataru had spent some time together under one roof, she noted how keen he was to improve on himself with her assistance.

Even still, a little part of her wondered if she could live her entire life with only one person. On the episode, did she listen to her emotions or her intellect this time?

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Love is Blind Japan: Wataru's Nature Relieves Midori's Fear of Marriage

The chemistry that both Midori and Wataru have is difficult to believe. The latter knows she's a one-woman army who is career-driven and enjoys being self-sufficient, so she doesn't let anything get in her way.

Midori saw this and says that he even gave her space when she felt things were getting too much for her. Midori appeared to be working up the nerve to just say "I don't" at the altar until the very last moment, but she surprised Wataru, herself, and the audience.

Midori said in front of friends and family that she still has no idea what marriage is or should entail. All she knows is that she won't be able to go another day without Wataru. That was the final nail in the coffin. We can all breathe a sense of relief now! With the largest grins on their faces, the couple said "I do".

The show host of Love Is Blind: Japan asks Midori what changed her mind on the day of their wedding three months after they exchanged vows. She claimed that spending time with Wataru had both changed and helped her in her own growth.

The reality alum's fondness for her dog Lupin warmed her heart. He went so far as to hunt for a house for the three of them to live in as a family.

Are Wataru and Midori Still Together?

Because of Midori's encouragement, Wataru and Midori's relationship seemed to blossom in the pods; things changed, though, as they met face to face for the first time. Wataru made no secret of his feelings for her, frequently claiming that she had exceeded his imagination.

Midori, on the other hand, had a different experience. She had expected someone with more delicate features, which meant that his physical appearance was something that bothered her.

The reality star's commitment to learn and work through his partner's anxieties about their relationship, as well as his blind loyalty to make her happy, were strong indicators that their story was only getting started.

Moreover, despite Midori's declaration that "I’m worried that my heart’s not racing [anymore]", she never doubted in her belief that he is an easy person to talk to - someone she cares about – implying that they were able to revive their romance.

Midori (@doridori_midori) was unsure about marriage until almost the end, even after her own mother argued that Wataru was the right man for her, but it was his personality that finally put her fears to rest.

He'd already won her over in the pods, so all he had to do now was confirm his sincerity by putting out his hand and convincing her that he was more important to her than her problems.

In other words, Wataru and Midori did not just say "I Do" at the altar, but it appears that the Tokyo natives are still together and beginning on a new chapter of their life as a married couple, alongside Lupin, the dog.

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