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Who Is Vince in Virgin River? Why Did He Really Shoot Jack? How Is He Related to Wes? Meet Vince Cast/Actor, Steve Bacic, on Instagram!

Jul 24, 2022 @ 7:38 EDT
Who Is Vince in Virgin River? Why Did He Really Shoot Jack? How Is He Related to Wes? Meet Vince Cast/Actor, Steve Bacic, on Instagram!

Vince, one of the characters in Netflix's Virgin River, is the twin brother of Wes and a police officer who kidnaps Paige's son, Christopher, to seek revenge for his brother's death. He also shoots Jack while he searches for Paige in Jack's bar. Jack reveals that Wes' brother shot him in Season 4 of the series. Follow the article to know more about Vince and find the Vince actor/cast, Steve Bacic, on Instagram.

Netflix's Virgin River, based on the eponymous series of novels by American novelist Robyn Carr, explores the story of the residents of the fictional namesake town. Melinda "Mel" Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge), a nurse practitioner and midwife, goes to Virgin River at the start of the show in order to get away from the pain of losing her husband in a tragic accident.

Now that season 4 has arrived, secrets are leaking everywhere in this town in Northern California. But with so much time and space in between seasons, it can occasionally be challenging to recall everyone. It's helpful to review the significance of a certain character.

When Mel arrives at Jack's Bar in the season 2 finale, she finds that he has been shot. Despite living, Jack initially had no memory of what happened. It was revealed in season 4 that the gunman was Wes' twin brother Vince. Well, let's get to know more about Vince and why he really shot Jack.

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Vince From Virgin River: Why Did He Shoot Jack? Was Wes His Twin Brother? Meet Vince Cast/Actor, Steve Bacic, on Instagram!

Wes, Vince's brother, mistreated his wife Paige Lassiter. He filed false battery accusations against Paige and obtained a restraining order in order to make sure that the authorities thought she was the one who was abusive. Later, Paige and her son Christopher left and settled at Virgin River.

Paige established Paige's Bakeaway, a transportable bakery, and integrated herself into the neighborhood quite fast. Nevertheless, Paige began to get close to Preacher. Paige's life in Virgin River, however, ended abruptly when Wes found her. He made an effort to force her and Christopher into joining him.

Paige was choked and instructed to call Christopher. Wes said he would handle it himself when Paige refused. Wes was killed after Paige shoved him in an effort to save her son, causing him to fall down the steps.

Later, while Preacher buried Wes' body in the woods, he advised Paige to leave with her son. In the season 2 finale, Paige left Christopher with Preacher as Vince was after her.

Vince arrived in Virgin River to hunt for his missing brother after learning of his disappearance. Preacher's job at Jack's business and their strong relationship with one another were both revealed to him. He didn't intend to shoot Jack when he entered the bar. But the scene quickly became out of control and Vince was in a situation where he had to shoot Jack.

Later, in season 3, he used one of Paige's friends, Sally, to lure Preacher away. Sally gave him a drug and left him in the forest. Meanwhile, Vince kidnapped his nephew, Christopher.

Preacher hires a number of private investigators to track down Christopher in Season 4, but he has limited success. When Paige learns of her son's disappearance, she goes back to Virgin River. When Vince hears that she has returned, he and Christopher also make their way to the town. Vince gives his nephew back to Preacher before kidnapping Paige so he can make her pay for his brother's death.

Jack lost memory of the incident in season 2 after being shot. He recalls that Vince shot him in season 4 when he came seeking Preacher. In the fourth season finale, when Preacher meets Vince, the latter accuses him of being responsible for the shooting. Preacher tries to persuade him to release Paige as he is being held at gunpoint by him.

Preacher admits that he was the one to bury Wes. Preacher reacts as Vince draws his gun and faces him. He jumps on the other man and encourages Paige to escape. The two battle briefly, with Vince appearing to win.

Vince ignores Paige's threat to shoot him as she takes the gun and points it at him. Preacher then stands up and uses a piece of wood to knock him out. He will likely be taken into custody because LAPD detective Mike Valenzuela has already left for the scene.

The role of Vince is played by Canadian, actor Steve Bacic (@stevebacicofficial). He is best known for portraying the roles of Gaheris and Telemachus Rhaden in the science fiction series Andromeda. He joined the cast of Andromeda early in season four after appearing in both roles in seasons 1-3 as guest stars.

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