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Tyler Henry's Mom: Stella Nestle was Not Theresa Koelewyn's Mother!

Mar 16, 2022 @ 17:09 EDT
Tyler Henry's Mom: Stella Nestle was Not Theresa Koelewyn's Mother!

Tyler Henry's parents have been his biggest supporters and inspiration to become Hollywood's medium. His new show, Life After Death with Tyler Henry, not only portrays stories about dead people but also digs deep into his mother's family history. His mom, Theresa Koelewyn, was raised by her non-biological mother, Stella Guidry Nestle. Let's know more about Theresa's adoption and her biological father.

It's only natural that in a series about death, a murder victim might turn up. Tyler Henry, best known for his show Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry, has turned his attention from celebrities to ordinary people in his latest project.

Tyler Henry's Life After Death With Tyler Henry is currently available on Netflix, and it involves Tyler communicating with a few of the hundreds of people on his waiting list. But, in a true-crime twist, Tyler's mother has a terrible family secret, and unearthing the truth will be part of the medium's new show.

Henry's parents have been supporting him from the very early days. His mom, especially, has been with him in his all ups and downs. While his father prefers to stay away from the limelight, Henry's mother has been openly supporting him. Let's know more about Henry's mom.

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Tyler Henry's Mom Theresa Koelewyn: Adoption By Stella Nestle & Biological Mother!

Despite Stella (Henry's grandmother) being white in a predominantly Black household, everyone assumed Stella Nestle was the woman who gave birth to Henry's mom, but it was only because the former's partner at the time was white.

According to the show, Tyler's mother, Theresa, had a 23andMe test in 2019 and discovered that the lady she thought was her mother was not her mother. Theresa was raised by Stella Guidry Nestle, a highly aggressive lady who, according to Theresa, never loved her.

Stella also served more than 30 years in prison for a double murder in which she made her own son a helper, and she is still alive.

Theresa learned about her biological mother, Mary Baroni, who sadly passed away since the show was filmed, as well as her half-siblings, Mary and George, thanks to the 23andMe results. Mary took Theresa and Tyler on a This Is Your Life tour of New Orleans in an attempt to awaken Tyler's gifts for finding answers.

The hospital where Theresa was born, which had been closed for years, was included in this. It was a hospital exclusively for ladies giving birth at the time of her birth, yet Mary felt some suspicious procedures were taking place there. This could explain how Stella ended up with Theresa.

We realize that Tyler can't read his aunt since he is so emotionally involved in the matter. He was given a box containing his biological grandmother's possessions, but he said that he felt like he wasn't a medium and was simply a human being when he held them.

Stella had once brought Mary and Theresa to their house in New Orleans when Theresa was 5. Stella took a baby picture of Mary, who resembled Theresa, when she was there, apparently to support the story that Theresa was Stella's.

Who is Theresa Koelewyn's Biological Father?

Tyler (@tylerhenrymedium)  contacted Pamela Slaton, an investigative genealogist when he couldn't read his aunt and had stopped functioning with his own investigation. An investigative genealogist specializes in locating relatives and is typically hired by adoptees searching for their biological parents.

Tyler and his mother were seeking whatever information they could find on Mary and Theresa's biological father.

Pamela was able to confirm that Theresa's birth certificate was not faked, despite Theresa's concerns. In fact, the lack of information, such as Stella's address, only served to indicate that Stella's method of getting Theresa was most likely illegal. Pamela discovered that Theresa's biological father's full name was Joe Cowart.

Joe had red hair and fought in the military during two world wars. Regrettably, he was also no longer alive. The circumstances surrounding his death are tragic. Joe seemed to receive his meals from a local church on a regular basis. After a week of no appearances, firefighters were sent to his apartment, where they discovered his corpse.

Because there was no evidence of foul play, many people believe Joe died of natural causes. The good news is that Pamela discovered a distant relative on Theresa's father's side who was eager to meet her.

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