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Tyler Henry's Grandmother: How Did Stella End Up in Jail?

Mar 13, 2022 @ 5:02 EDT
Tyler Henry's Grandmother: How Did Stella End Up in Jail?

Viewers wonder if Tyler Henry's grandmother Stella Guidry Nestle is still in jail after watching Life After Death with Tyler Henry on Netflix. The medium along with his mother discovers that Stella was not his biological grandmother as Stella stole his mother after she was born. After researching for a few years, Henry and his mother were aware of how murderer grandma Stella ended up in jail. Here is what we know about Tyler Henry's grandmother and her current life update.

Tyler Henry, who rose to fame as E!'s Hollywood Medium in 2016 for reading celebrities, claims he receives messages from the dead through his five senses. If you watch Netflix's latest show Life After Death with Tyler Henry, you'll get all of the psychic feelings that you generally get when the world's most famous medium appears on the screen.

But there's more to Life after Death than chilly reads and warm feelings. Henry's new series also has a real crime element, and the crime he's seeking to investigate is one from his own family's past revolving around his grandmother, Stella.

Tyler Henry's new Netflix series Life After Death with Tyler Henry (which is now available to stream), is similar to those of his non-celebrity clients.

The nine-episode series also tries to explain his family's mystery: how his mother, Theresa, ended herself in the custody of a woman so terrible she executed double homicide and who Theresa only recently discovered is not her original mother.

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How Did Tyler Henry's Grandmother Stella Guidry Nestle End Up In Jail?

We learn at the end of the season premiere that Tyler Henry's mother, Theresa, has spent the last few years researching her family's past. She discovered two years ago that the woman she thought was her real mother was not in fact her biological mother.

Theresa wasn't blood-connected to the family she grew up with, which was actually a comfort for her because her mother is a murderer.

Yes, you read that right. Tyler Henry's grandmother, whom he mistook for his grandmother as a child, is a convicted murderer who served more than 30 years in jail.

As Tyler and his mother search for answers about her biological parents and we discover more about the crime, this horrific revelation becomes the season's central theme. Life After Death doesn't get into the details surrounding the killings until Episode 4.

Tyler Henry's grandmother, Stella Guidry Nestle, left her two biological children, Peter and Felicia, in California for about two years when they were quite small, as we learn in Episode 3. Stella lived in Louisiana during that time, and at some point during that time, Stella stole newborn Theresa and forged her birth certificate.

Felicia and Peter were informed that Theresa was their sister when she returned to California, and that was their reality until recently when a DNA test proved the truth. Stella's crime of stealing a baby would not be her last. She would often engage her children in various frauds that she would conduct on trusting members of her church, in addition to being an abusive mother.

Stella's misdeeds advanced to murder when she was found guilty of the murders of Judy Wang, the owner of the Fowler Motel, and Wang's partner Wai Lee. Stella called her 18-year-old son Peter after the killings and asked him to assist her in burying the two remains in a shallow grave.

To hide her tracks, grandmother Stella told Peter that the couple had been murdered by someone else, who threatened to kill Stella and Peter if the truth was ever revealed.

Peter was accused as an accessory to the crime when Stella was arrested. Peter now feels that his mother assassinated Wang and Lee in an attempt to take control of the motel.

Where is Tyler Henry’s Grandmother Stella Now?

Tyler Henry (@tylerhenrymedium) and his mother, Theresa Koelewyn, realized in 2019 that the woman who raised her wasn't even biologically related to her; Stella Nestle had stolen Theresa as a baby. What's odder is that she's a convicted killer as well as an abusive con artist, according to her children.

Stella Guidry Nestle's son confessed against her in exchange for a lesser charge of accessory to murder when the time came. He recounted the events of that sad evening in California. The 39-year-old was found guilty of the double murder and sentenced to a little more than 30 years in jail after hours of jury deliberation.

Stella still resides in or around California, according to what we've discovered after her release, and likes to stay out of the spotlight. Having said that, despite the fact that she is in her mid-90s, the Netflix reality show did imply that she appeared to be in good health.

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