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Tyler Henry's Father: Meet Medium's Dad David Koelewyn!

Mar 15, 2022 @ 14:31 EDT
Tyler Henry's Father: Meet Medium's Dad David Koelewyn!

Tyler Henry's father is a man named David Koelewyn. While many viewers of Life After Death with Tyler Henry on Netflix wonder if the medium ever met his dad, we can confirm the father-son duo shares a close bond to this day. Tyler Henry's father David Koelewyn currently resides in Hanford, California.

Tyler Henry appears in Netflix's latest original Life After Death with Tyler Henry as a clairvoyant medium. Henry provides closure to people who have experienced loss by connecting with their deceased loved ones in the series. Henry came to popularity in January 2016 with the premiere of Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry on the E! Television Network.

If Henry has psychic talents, the jury is still out. Some people believe in his talents, while others believe he is a con artist who preys on the bereaved and defenseless.

Henry's parents have been his biggest supporter. However, his mother does everything publicly while his father prefers to stay lowkey but still supports his son. Let's find out everything about Henry's father.

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Who is Tyler Henry's Father?

Tyler Henry's show, Life After Death with Tyler Henry, premiered in 2022, and it was about him trying to learn more about his mother's family.

As a result, many people were curious about his parents. Tyler Henry Koelewyn was born on January 13, 1996, in California, to Theresa and David G. Koelewyn, who had been married since they were 15 years old.

David Koelewyn was born in Hanford, California, in September 1963. David Koelewyn's father's name is Henry Koelewyn, thus we can conclude that David named his son after him. Henry and Theresa's Instagram very well depict that Henry is very close to his father and they share a very special bond.

On the occasion of Father's Day, the millionaire Tyler shared a picture on his Instagram with the caption with a blue love emoji, "Spending a quality weekend with my dad. Though you guys haven't seen him on the show as of yet, he's an incredible source of support and his encouragement gave me the strength to share my ability. Happy Father's Day! ".

Similarly, two years later, he added,

Today, I’m reminded of not only how lucky I am to have a loving father, but to be able to know him in adulthood. It’s a privilege to have a dad that is someone I’d want to be friends with. His love for his child was stronger than any of the “coming outs” he was met with as a parent. In knowing that love was foremostly important, he allowed me to shine.

A father-son relationship is a lovely and privileged one. From the moment a kid is born, his father plays a crucial role in shaping his life. We can believe Henry's father is continuously teaching his son good lessons and guiding him in the correct route.

Therefore, it is very clear that the father-son relationship between Henry and his father is very healthy and strong.

Tyler Henry's Dad David Koelewyn Prefers To Stay Away From Limelight

David G. Koelewyn, Tyler Henry's father, was raised by Barbara Anne and Henry Koelywn, a Dutch immigrant. Theresa and David have been together since they were fifteen years old. Tyler, the couple's only child, was born in January 1996.

As previously stated, David Koelewyn loves to keep out of the spotlight as much as possible, but we do know that he appears to be happy with his current situation. He does his best to support Henry and his family which is why we can see that he has a  very happy family.

According to our information, he currently resides in Hanford, California, with his lovely wife Theresa Koelewyn, and works as a well-known Tile Contractor in the city and nearby areas.

David appears to be a happy husband and father who values genuineness and determination above all else, values that he has clearly established in his son.

The series not only focuses on dead people but also digs deep into Henry's family. Theresa's un-biological mother, Stella, has been one of the most exciting stories of the series.

Hence, Netflix’s Life After Death with Tyler Henry has some capability to engage its audiences and provide excitement to their boring lives.

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