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Is Tyler Henry Fake or Real Deal? Speculations of Hollywood Medium's Scam/Fraud!

Mar 16, 2022 @ 4:19 EDT
Is Tyler Henry Fake or Real Deal? Speculations of Hollywood Medium's Scam/Fraud!

Tyler Henry stars in his new show, Life After Death with Tyler Henry, and now Netflix viewers are claiming the Hollywood medium to be fake. Is Tyler Henry doing a scam or is he a real deal? Some fans think Tyler Henry might be a fraud while others reckon he's legit. Reddit users debate if clairvoyance/mediums are real or fake after the Netflix show aired.

Can someone connect with the dead? Science tells us, no, but Tyler Henry has been doing this for ages. His show, Life After Death With Henry Show is rising to prominence.

This show is quite weird as well as creepy at the same time. Basically, Tyler Henry meets the family members of deceased people and helps them connect with their dead ones.

While this might sound fake, however, in his show, we get to see, people actually communicating with their deceased ones. However, with Tyler's release of the show, a scandal has been surrounding him.

Viewers are claiming Tyler to be fake, and have even added that his show, Life After Death With Tyler Henry is a scam, and has been scripted. Is the show fake or does Tyler actually communicate with the dead souls?

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Is Tyler Henry Fake? Life After Death Scam Speculations!

With a total of nine episodes, a new show, Life After Death With Tyler Henry was released on 9th March 2022. Tyler Henry is an American television reality star and as per what he said, he can talk to the dead souls.

In the show, Tyler Henry helps people who are either mourning or grieving someone they loved the most with his past stories. These people get inner solace from Tyler's story, and to some extent, Tyler tries to expunge the pain that's living inside of people.

Even though Henry's motive is inclined towards bringing peace to people who are grieving, many people are bashing both Tyler, and his show, and claiming that it's just a scam to make money out of it.

Not only do people claim the show to be fabricated but they have blamed Tyler (@tylerhenrymedium) too. He had claimed that he could communicate with the dead through five senses, and this has actually created perplexity among the audience.

While a few were interested in what he had to say, many people didn't believe a single word from what he had to say. Henry divulged that he had been able to talk to the souls since he was ten, and since then, he has been making use of his extraordinary skills.

Moreover, as said by Tyler, he had a premonition that his grandmother was about to die, and shortly later, his mother was informed about her death. This could either be a coincidence or maybe Tyler can actually sense it.

For now, it is still quite difficult to come to conclusion on wherever Tyler Henry is real or fake, and maybe the mystery will take a few more years or some proper evidence to clear out the perplexity and bring the real thing in front.

Is Tyler Henry Married?

Identifying himself as gay, Tyler Henry is in a healthy relationship with his boyfriend, Clint Godwin (@clintxgodwin). Both Clint and Tyler are open about their relationship and seem to have a strong connection with each other.

Tyler has been seen many times mentioning his boyfriend and even on his Instagram account, he often posts their photos together, and they look too adorable.

Many people ship this cute couple, however, as of today, their relationship is just confined to dating and maybe with time and their developing attachment, Tyler and his boyfriend Clint may soon get engaged and maybe even upgrade their relationship to getting married too.

Their love life appears to look like they are the end game and will definitely end up together.

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