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Tyler Henry's Birth Chart: Everything You Need to Know!

Mar 31, 2022 @ 11:38 EDT
Tyler Henry's Birth Chart: Everything You Need to Know!

Tyler Henry came into the spotlight after Hollywood Medium portrayed his abilities which shocked and helped many celebrities. Similarly his new Netflix series, Life After Dead with Tyler Henry, has left fans with many questions. Some fans even wonder about his birth chart. Here is everything we know about Henry's birth chart.

Tyler Henry, who rose to prominence in 2016 as E!'s Hollywood Medium for reading celebrities, claims to get messages from the dead through his five senses. Henry claims he initially realized he had a talent when he was ten years old.

He claims he had a premonition that his grandmother would die, and he was proved correct. His grandma died not long after, and his mother was notified. As a result, he has been successful to gain huge followings all over the world.

Similarly, some fans of Tyler Henry have been curious to know about his birth chart after his new Netflix show Life After Dead with Tyler Henry was released. Tyler's new series follows a medium as he traverses the United States, delivering joy through spiritual readings. Let's get to know about Henry's birth chart without any delay.

Life After Death with Tyler Henry: Get To Know Hollywood Medium's Birth Chart in Details

All our readers may not be familiar with what exactly is a birth chart. So, let's know what a birth chart is and how it is analyzed before getting right into Tyler Henry's (@tylerhenrymedium) birth chart.

To begin with, your birth chart or natal chart is a map of where the planets were when a person, circumstance, relationship, or endeavor first began. Yes, every country, pet, business, and marriage has its unique natal chart. However, we'll stick to the most common one: a person's birth chart, for the sake of simplicity.

A birth chart is a blueprint that reveals aspects of a person's personality as well as the timing of significant life events by combining the positions of the planets and luminaries at the moment of birth. In this way, we can see how a birth chart can be useful in guiding us to be the best versions of ourselves while also illustrating the path ahead.

It is a destiny that we can choose to follow. While many people consider astrology to be fate, I like to think of it as a way we interact with the world as we shape our fate.

When you enter your birth information into a program, a circle with a description of what it represents will most likely appear. Birth charts can be generated in seconds using cutting-edge computer tools. This circle will be divided into 12 pie-shaped sections, with several symbols strewn about.

However, for the interest of beginners, you should find your Sun sign, Moon sign, and Ascendant (or Rising Sign). These are important because they form the foundations of who you are and how you interact with the world on a daily basis.

As we're all aware of Tyler Henry's talent and his motive to help those in need, his birth is something we all want to study very well. Henry's detailed birth chart is available in Asthrotheme. Similarly, you can also have access to many celebrities' birth charts on the same platform.

Here is What Reddit Community Thinks About Netflix's Life After Death with Tyler Henry

There's a big controversy about whether Tyler Henry genuinely talks to the deceased folks or not. It's normal to be doubtful about Tyler since you don't come across someone who claims to be a clairvoyant every day. Nonetheless, some individuals believe the psychic medium is a con artist.

It all comes down to how much you are willing to trust when it comes to psychics. Many mediums show their capacity to communicate with the dead through a variety of techniques and illusions. Cold reading, gently obtaining information from the customer, and previous research are examples of these techniques. To say the least, they utilize a number of strategies to captivate clients.

A member on the Reddit website asked a question:

Why does Netflix give con artists a platform? “Life After Death with Tyler Henry”.

Viewers from all across the world responded to the post by sharing their thoughts on the show. "It’s called cold reading. Watch some Derren Brown. He shows how those scams work." one fan commented. "My mom has paid to see him so many times," another said, adding a sad emoji.

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