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Ozark Actor Tommy Pelphrey: His Character as Ben Davis and Recent Relationship Status Explored!

May 7, 2022 @ 11:33 EDT
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Ozark Actor Tommy Pelphrey: His Character as Ben Davis and Recent Relationship Status Explored!

Ben Davis, played by Tommy Pelphrey or Tom Pelphrey, is one of the beloved characters in Netflix's Ozark. Pelphrey, 39, recently made the headlines as he announced his relationship with Flight Attendant star, Kaley Cuoco, on his Instagram. Fans even wonder if she is his wife which is not the case. Reddit users also seek information about his character as Ben Davis who looks like Keanu Reeves in Ozark. Go through the article to know more about Tommy Pelphrey and his character Ben Davis in the Netflix's hit show.

Ozark, a Netflix original series that debuted in 2017, has gotten positive reviews and has become one of the platform's most popular series. Since their migration from Chicago to the Ozarks, the Byrde family has been laundering money for the Navarro cartel.

Wendy and Marty are in command of the cartel boss's fate in the end, putting them in a powerful but vulnerable position. In April 2022, Ozark released Season 4 Part 2, which continued Marty and Wendy Byrde's obsessive rise to power.

When Tommy Pelphrey was cast as Ben Davis in the Emmy Award-winning drama series during its third season, he drew a lot of recognition, and the young star's acting credits have only grown since then. Many viewers were touched by his story in the third season.

Recently, he announced his relationship status which is why many fans are curious to know more about him. Well, here is everything we know about Tommy Pelphrey.

Previously, we touched on Tuck from Ozark and rapper Ruth. Likewise, we discussed the terrible ending.

Ozark: Who Is Tommy Pelphrey? Everything You Need to Know About His Character, Ben Davis, in the Netflix Hit Series!

Tommy Pelphrey (@tommypelphrey) began his professional acting career in 2004 when he was cast as Jonathan Randall in Guiding Light, and he later played Mick Dante in As the World Turns in 2009. Following that, the actor landed the recurring part of Kurt Bunker, a deranged former Neo-Nazi seeking atonement, in the action cult smash series Banshee, which was a game-changer in his career.

Pelphrey has been in major movies alongside A-list actors and directors since 2017. He starred alongside Gary Oldman as Joseph Mankiewicz, the younger brother of Citizen Kane co-writer Herman Mankiewicz, in David Fincher's Mank.

When Tommy Pelphrey was named to Variety's top 10 actors to watch list in 2020, he said, "I feel like I get to do the coolest job in the world." Pelphrey is in the headlines once more, but this time for his personal life: He made his relationship with Flight Attendant star, Kaley Cuoco, official by posting Polaroid images of the two of them together on Instagram.

Tommy Pelphrey played a new character named Ben Davis in Season 3 of Ozark. We first see him as a substitute teacher who gets into a brawl and is soon fired. We learn that Ben is mentally ill and Wendy Byrde's brother, and that Ben joins the family in the Ozarks.

Ben then proceeds on a journey; he's a good guy with a good heart, and he develops a strong bond with Jonah Byrde in particular. When he can't perform sexually with Ruth because of a side effect of his medication, he chooses to quit taking the pills.

This action sets in motion a chain of erratic and ill-considered decisions; Ben always does the right thing, but he doesn't think about the consequences. He reveals what Helen Pierce, the Navarro cartel's threatening lawyer, does for a living in front of her daughter, and creates a complete mess of the whole criminal conspiracy.

Wendy eventually takes Ben to a highway diner and leaves him alone as she walks to her car, you watch the cartel's hitman enters the diner. Marty gets rid of his body in a crematorium in the next episode. Tommy Pelphrey did a fantastic job as him the entire time and was able to connect with every viewer of the show.

There were theories that Ben was never truly murdered and that his body was resurrected to keep the cartel happy. While we saw Marty at the crematorium and the ashes that followed, we never saw Ben die. However, as the final season of the show has already been released, we're certain that Ben was actually killed as part 2 of Ozark Season 4 shows everything about his death.

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