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Was Toby Keith Transgender?

Feb 12, 2024 @ 21:50 EST
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Was Toby Keith Transgender?

Toby Keith was not transgender; he was a straight man who had been married to his wife, Tricia Lucas, for more than 40 years. People seem to be confused about his sexuality because of the music video of his song, I Love This Bar, which featured a transgender woman.

Toby Keith Covel, known professionally as Toby Keith, was an American country music singer, songwriter, record producer, and actor. He began gaining fame after he released his first four studio albums Toby Keith, Boomtown, Blue Moon, Dream Walkin, and Greatest Hits Volume One under Mercury Records. Recently, he has been in the news after his death, which has been shocking news for his fans.

Well, Toby has been facing many health issues since 2021, but his death was very unexpected, as people were guessing he was doing well in 2023. He announced his health condition in 2021 by posting it on his Twitter account. He had been diagnosed in fall 2021 and had already received chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery for stomach cancer.

On the other hand, many people have been curious about his sexuality for years. Since one of his songs featured transgender people, many wondered if he was transgender. Well, we've got you covered.

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Toby Keith Was Not Transgender; He Was Straight!

Toby Keith (@tobykeith) was a supporter of the LGBTQ+ community but was not transgender. He was a straight man who had been married to his wife, Lucus, for more than 40 years. Many people were confused about his sexuality after listing his thoughts, and his 2009 song I Love This Bar was released, where the music video features a transgender woman.

Toby's sexuality has been a topic of confusion since the beginning of 2010. Many people think that he is transgender based on his physical appearance, his thoughts, smile, and innocent eyes. Well, he was not transgender but the biggest supporter of the LGBTQ+ family who has done many live shows sharing the stages with transgender artists.

Toby Keith wasn't transgender. netflixdeed.comToby Keith wasn't transgender.
Image Source: Instagram

Back in 2011, Toby shared his thoughts on gay marriage and said that he was very supportive of these things. At that time, the US Supreme Court had not legalized marriage equality nationwide. Although he didn't entertain the rumors of being a transgender person or gay, he said that he was never bothered by the whole gay issue thing and also stated;

First of all, we’re going to stop somebody from getting a marriage licence because they’re gay? You won’t stop them living together, so what have you accomplished?… wasting a lot of money here and a lot of time that could be spent working on this deficit that we’re under… I never saw the reasoning behind getting in people’s personal lives.

Why Do People Think Toby Keith Was Spiritually Gay?

One of the very popular reasons people might have misunderstood Toby Keith's sexuality was because of his thoughts, and another was because of his music. His 2009 song I Love This Bar features a transgender woman in the video's cast of characters. People think that he chose to keep transgender and prorate their feelings because he was one of them and has been hiding his feelings for a long time.

Toby being transgender has also been a discussion topic on Reddit. When one of the users posted on Reddit that he loved Keith’s music but hated his politics, people started taking notice of how racist and sexist he was. One of the users also commented on their thoughts and said that Toby was spiritually gay and was also such a catty bitch.

Some people also hated Toby for getting into drama with the Dixie Chicks and making little dance songs like, How do you like me now? It looks like people have many thoughts on Toby's sexuality, and some of them are negative; some think that his support for transgender and gay people is fake.

Was Toby Keith Married?

Talking about Toby Keith's personal life, he has only been linked with one person till now: his wife. His wife's name was Tricia Lucas, and they got married in 1984. The couple got married after three years of dating each other, and they have two children together. They met each other for the first time in the bar when Keith was in high school and was working as an oil field worker, just like his father.

Toby Keith was married to his wife, Tricia Lucas. netflixdeed.comToby Keith was married to his wife, Tricia Lucas.
Image Source: Instagram

When Keith met Lucas, she was working as an oil company secretary at the time. Before being in a relationship with Keith, she had a baby in her previous relationship. In 2001, Lucus explained her relationship with Toby and said that she was 19 years old when she met her, and he was just one of those larger-than-life guys, full of confidence.

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