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Is Cavetown Trans? Who Is He Dating?

Jan 21, 2024 @ 22:14 EST
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Is Cavetown Trans? Who Is He Dating?

Cavetown is open when it comes to his sexuality and admits to being transgender. He opened up about his sexuality in 2020 by posting a video and talking about himself. He took a break after expressing himself and speaking about his love life; he has not mentioned anything about it. 

Robin Daniel Skinner, also known as Cavetown, is an English singer-songwriter, record producer, and YouTuber. He began his career through his YouTube channel in November 2012 and started gaining fame after he uploaded his first video, an original song named Haunted Lullaby, in October 2013. Recently, people have been talking about his concerts, and his concerts seem to be hits.

Cavetown announced his 2024 Australian tour in September 2023, and people were very excited about it. He is going to perform at The Forum, Melbourne VIC, on February 21st; Roundhouse, Sydney NSW, on February 22nd, and Fortitude Music Hall, Brisbane QLD, on February 24th. A week ago, Cavetown also posted a picture and said that he was also excited about the tour, and the ticket already seems to be seething fast.

On the other hand, many people seem curious to know more about his personal life, especially his sexuality. People wonder if he is transgender. Well, let's find it out together.

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Cavetown Openly Admits to Being Transgender!

In 2020, Cavetown (@lemon.socks) admitted that he was trans. He has been facing many backlashes since the beginning of his career because of his sexuality. He is very private in his life, and he has not mentioned being in any relationships till now. However, in 2021, there were rumors that he was dating a girl.

Cavetown's sexuality has made many people confused, and there are many rumors about his personal life. Although he began his career in 2013, he was very private about his life for a long time. The rumors of him being trans were flooded all over the internet for a long time until 2020.

Cavetown identifies himself as trans. netflixdeed.comCavetown identifies himself as trans.
Image Source: Instagram

Cavetwon was facing many backlashes over his appearance. People assumed he was a trans and discussed the topic all over social media. Later, after some years, he said that the rumors were true and that he was born a boy, but he identifies as having a transgender personality. He also talked about his use of the transphobic slur tr*nny and stated;

So another slur comes up in this, I said the word tr*nny. I’m just going to come out and say it. I’m transgender, so you may not have known that, but I am.

Cavetown Regrets Opening Up About His Sexuality!

According to Cavetown's statement, he said that he regrets saying the word; he doesn’t like the word, and he doesn’t want to say it ever again. He does acknowledge that for anyone who hasn’t figured out that he is trans, it looks like he is just a cis person who’s knowingly saying a slur, that they have no right to say, and that is hurtful.

To conclude the apology, Cavetown adds that he'll be taking a break from the internet to focus on professional work. He also said that he will be working with charities and groups that center around Jewish issues. Well, his statement made sure that he is trans, and people were very clear after hearing it.

After Cavetown admitted to being trans, people started commenting on his appearance. One of the users on Reddit even said that his gender is definitely on the male side of the spectrum. The user also asked other people's thoughts and said that Cavetown is non-binary, was assigned female at birth, or doesn't want to specify it exactly.

Who Is Cavetown Currently Dating?

Talking about Cavetown's personal life, he has not revealed having a partner till now. While there are rumors that he has a girlfriend, the rumors are not confirmed yet. Two years ago, a Reddit user posted about him having a girlfriend, but the post is now deleted. Many people started sharing their thoughts on the comment and said that they were very happy to know that their favorite singer was dating someone.

Cavetown does not appear to have a partner at the moment. netflixdeed.comCavetown does not appear to have a partner at the moment.
Image Source: Instagram

The news about Cavetown having a girlfriend may be fake news or not. The news has yet to be reported by him, but as of now, we should know that he is single. He has not gotten married yet, nor has he had any children. We hope if there is anything he should tell his fans, he might be soon updated about it.

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