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Tiffany Valiante/Valentine From Unsolved Mysteries Season 3: Wikipedia, Obituary, Death & DNA Results; Netflix Documentary & 2022 Update!

Oct 18, 2022 @ 9:53 EDT
Tiffany Valiante/Valentine From Unsolved Mysteries Season 3: Wikipedia, Obituary, Death & DNA Results; Netflix Documentary & 2022 Update!

The death of Tiffany Valiante/Valentine is explored in the first episode of Netflix's Unsolved Mysteries Season 3 titled Mystery at Mile Marker 45. According to the documentary, the medical examiner declared that she committed suicide, however, her parents still believe, even in 2022, that she was murdered. Similarly, the parents hired a forensic analyst to examine her DNA but the results didn't help at all. Some Reddit users seek full information about her death. Follow to know more about her death with her complete Wikipedia and obituary.

This Halloween season, Netflix is the only place to turn if you're seeking new true crime. The streamer already offers a huge selection of documentaries exploring various situations, including those involving fraud and theft as well as serial murderer killings. The spookiest tales are, in my opinion, the ones for which we genuinely never find an explanation.

Fans of real crime should also get ready to dive into a fresh batch of Unsolved Mysteries episodes as the third season is now on Netflix. Every episode of Unsolved Mysteries volume 3 examines a perplexing story involving death, the paranormal, or mysterious disappearances, just like in earlier seasons.

Tiffany Valiante/Valentine, a talented young athlete who died after being struck by a train 4 miles from her house late at night, is the subject of the first episode of the season titled Mystery at Mile Marker 45, which examines her tragic death. Whether her death was a murder or the result of foul play is being looked into by Unsolved Mysteries. You've come to the right place if you, like many Reddit users, wish to know about her case in detail. Let's get started.

Tiffany Valiante/Valentine From Unsolved Mysteries Season 3: The Medical Examiner Determined That She Committed Suicide but Her Parents Believe She Was Murdered; Wikipedia, Obituary, Death & DNA Results; Netflix Documentary & 2022 Update!

Tiffany Valiante seemed to be living the best life possible when, on the evening of July 12, 2015, everything in the suburban-rural community of Mays Landing flipped upside down. Not only had the 18-year-old recently graduated from Oakcrest High School, but she was also planning to enroll in the autumn at Mercy College in New York on a full volleyball scholarship.

Tiffany apparently already held the important position of middle starter, which is practically unheard of for such a freshman athlete. Yet, she was never given the chance to demonstrate her abilities.

On that fatal evening, Tiffany Valiante reportedly left a cousin's graduation party to cross the street and go home, only to quickly get into a fight with a friend over their usage of a credit card. Even her parents, Dianne and Stephen Valiante, remember that even though she had used the card inappropriately, she didn't seem upset when they returned just after 9:15 pm and her mother spoke to her about the same. The teen left alone at 9:28 p.m., according to their outside deer cameras, but by the time they went outside to look for her at 9:29 p.m., she had already disappeared completely.

Therefore, Tiffany Valiante's family and other neighboring relatives immediately and thoroughly started looking for her, but to no effect, especially given Tiffany's height of 6'2". As a result, it wasn't until after midnight that one of her uncles who was searching the area around the railroads discovered that she had been struck by a train at Mile Marker 45 along Prague Avenue, 4 miles from her home, at 11:16 pm.

Tiffany Valiante had, for lack of a better word, been blown to pieces by the commuter car's 80 mph speed; within 48 hours, her death had been formally ruled a suicide. A New Jersey Transit official once stated that Tiffany was standing on the train tracks…, but did not move when the train’s engineer sounded the horn and applied emergency brakes.

According to the initial medical examiner's report, her hands and legs were brutally torn away from the rest of her body, and her head and face were wholly crushed. Her toxicology report, however, was clear, and it seemed odd that her remains were only covered in underwear. By July 17, 2015, however, her cause of death was still determined to be multiple severe injuries.

While many people think Tiffany Valiante had no reason to commit suicide, a few pieces of evidence suggest she may have done so because it would have relieved her of the loneliness she felt. Tiffany was quite popular, but according to several of her friends, she often felt down about not fitting in with society's expectations.

Although Tiffany Valiante never directly mentioned suicide, she is said to have cut herself twice. Then there's the allegation that Tiffany came out as a lesbian in early 2015, just six months before she passed away, and that some of the females at Oakcrest High did so merely to experiment with her. As if that weren't enough, Tiffany also wasn't having an easy time at home because she'd been having severe problems with her devoted mother, Dianne, at least since 2014.

In addition to fighting increasingly frequently over time, Child Protection Services was summoned to the couple's family home three times in a single year. One of them was because the young star athlete's arms had significant bruises, which Dianne promptly acknowledged having brought on by hitting her after a furious argument.

There is even more circumstantial evidence that Tiffany Valiante may have been killed by someone else, beginning with the fact that she was partially nude and barefoot but had left the house fully dressed. The theory is that someone picked Tiffany up in their automobile before attacking her because of the headlight-like shadows in the deer cam and her cell phone being discovered on the ground minutes after she vanished. Because of this, even though her bones were found without shoes, her feet did not sustain the kind of harm they would have if she had walked to the train that was packed with trash and glass to commit herself.

She may have been killed earlier and disposed of there to remove the evidence, but according to the Netflix documentary, one of the most peculiar features is the existence of blood already at the location. We think that Tiffany Valiante was more likely to be murdered than to have committed suicide based on all the strong evidence.

The saddest part of the whole situation is that despite Tiffany Valiante's family eventually being able to send the evidence for testing through legal channels, no findings could be obtained because of governmental mishandling, according to reports. To everyone's obvious displeasure, the latter not only lost the abovementioned keychain but also an actual ax with red markings discovered close to the scene of the train wreck. The family's forensic analyst wrote in a report from March 2022 that: "we were able to obtain very little DNA for comparison due to the manner in which the evidence was collected and maintained…”

Additionally, you can find her obituary right here.

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