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Theodora Birch From 'The Watcher': Was She the Watcher? Why Does She Wear Gloves? Know About the Theodora Actress; Netflix Update!

Oct 18, 2022 @ 1:21 EDT
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Theodora Birch From 'The Watcher': Was She the Watcher? Why Does She Wear Gloves? Know About the Theodora Actress; Netflix Update!

Theodora Birch, one of the characters in Netflix's The Watcher, tells Dean and his family that she is the watcher to relieve them as she was about to die. However, it is later revealed that she lied about it. Similarly, her health condition was the reason she wore the gloves all the time. Follow to know more about the character and Theodora actress.

Ryan Murphy's latest frightening series, The Watcher, debuted on Netflix on October 13th and is already at the top of the streaming service's Top Ten list. Meanwhile, it shows the horrific story of the Brannock family, whose dreams of settling into a new neighborhood are destroyed when a mysterious stalker known as 'the Watcher' begins terrorizing them, which has caught viewers' minds in the seven-part thriller.

The series is based on Reeves Wiedeman's novel The Haunting of a Dream House, which was inspired by a true story. Similarly, Naomi Watts (Mulholland Drive) and Bobby Cannavale (Blonde) play Nora and Dean Brannock, based on real-life victims Maria and Derek Broaddus, respectively, and Mia Farrow (Rosemary's Baby) plays an eccentric neighbor suspected of terrorizing the family.

In the series, concerned about the letters, Dean and Nora contact the authorities, but their investigation leads nowhere. This is when Dean meets Theodora Birch, a private investigator recommended by Detective Chamberland, the officer in charge of their investigation. Her character is distinguished by the fact that she constantly wears gloves. Viewers wonder why she wears gloves and if she is the watcher. Everything you need to know about The Watcher's Theodora is right here.

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Theodora Birch From 'The Watcher': The Private Detective Lied That She Was the Watcher to Relieve Dean and His Family Before Her Death; Her Health Condition Was the Reason She Wore Gloves; Know About the Theodora Actress; Netflix Update!

The Watcher, series introduces the fashionable British private investigator Theodora Birch in episode 2. And for an investigator, she was surprisingly honest with her life. Meanwhile, she was a jazz singer with a serious drinking problem. When her husband gave her the option of choosing him or booze, she chose the latter. Then, one day, while performing, she suffered a heart attack and was declared medically dead for 10 minutes. Theodora later entered treatment and discovered a new addiction: solving murder mysteries.

Later, Theodora gets diagnosed with liver cancer. However, she tries to persuade Dean and Nora to hire her as their investigator and tells them that her time on Earth is limited and that she wants to leave her daughter and granddaughter in better financial shape than they are now.

Theodora is most likely seen wearing the gloves for the same reason she is wearing a coat in practically every scene - to deal with the freezing weather of New Jersey and New York. She has terminal liver cancer, so her immune system must be compromised, and the extra layer of clothing most likely aids her in navigating the situation.

At the hospital, where she is in a controlled atmosphere, we see Theodora without gloves. In the flashback sequence where she claims to be the Watcher, we also see her without gloves. The gloves are additionally employed to misguide the viewers. We observe the stalker wearing gloves in the glances we get. When the public learns that the DNA samples on the Watcher envelopes belong to a woman, it's simple to conclude that Theodora is the Watcher, even if this is not the case.

Throughout the series, she becomes Dean and Nora's confidante. She continues to counsel Nora when the Brannocks' marital problems arise. However, when she becomes too ill to continue investigating, the crime remains unresolved. Theodora appears to admit to Dean on her deathbed that she is the Watcher. However, it is revealed that she lied about this in order to provide Dean with satisfaction, knowing that he would obsess over the unresolved mystery alternatively.

Similarly, Theodora had an explanation for everything, including the John Graff story (which she claims she made up), the red-headed woman in Dean's bed (a professional performance artist), and everything else. However, Maureen (Margo Martindale) notifies Dean a few days later that Theodora was not a resident of 657 Boulevard or a member of Westfield's country club, as she had stated. When Dean and Nora attend Theodora's burial after she dies of cancer, Theodora's daughter admits that her mother's confession was false; she made up the tale to give the Brannocks, particularly Dean, some closure, having noticed how the matter was still eating at them.

So, if not Theodora, who is it? Maybe realtor Karen, who Nora discovers is the new owner of 657 Boulevard once the Brannocks return to the city. Karen had long urged the Brannocks to sell, and The Watcher desired the house for themselves, so she was the obvious choice.

However, the mystery remains still unsolved after the death of Theodora. Meanwhile, actress Noma Dumezweni portrayed Theodora Birch in the Netflix Series. Similarly, she is well-known for HBO Max black comedy Made For Love, The Undoing with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant, and Black Earth Rising with Michaela Coel.

Additionally, The Watcher is now streaming on Netflix.

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