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The Graff Family From ‘The Watcher’: Why Did John Graff Kill His Entire Family? John Graff’s Wikipedia & Murders; Is His Story Based on a Real Life Story? Who Is John List? Reddit Update!

Oct 18, 2022 @ 3:47 EDT
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The Graff Family From ‘The Watcher’: Why Did John Graff Kill His Entire Family? John Graff’s Wikipedia & Murders; Is His Story Based on a Real Life Story? Who Is John List? Reddit Update!

John Graff, one of the characters in Netflix's The Watcher, lived at 657 Boulevard in Westfield, New Jersey, up until 1995 when John killed his family. The character is inspired by the story of John List who got caught after 18 years after murdering his entire family in real life. Similarly, some Reddit users seek the complete Wikipedia of John Graff. Well, follow for more.

The Watcher, a real crime series on Netflix, follows Dean and Nora Brannock as they spend all of their savings to buy the house of their dreams in Westfield, New Jersey. However, when they begin getting unsettling letters from someone claiming to be the Watcher, all of their hopes of escaping the messy difficulties of city life are shattered.

The Watcher refers to Dean and Nora's children as young blood in their letters and claims that their family has been keeping watch at 657 Boulevard for generations. Author Reeves Wiedeman's 2018 article from New York magazine's The Cut was the basis for "The Watcher." Weideman provides a comprehensive description of what happened with Derek and Maria Broaddus, the real victim couple.

The Brannock family tries to piece together the identity of the Watcher as the episodes go on, but they run into problems at every turn. John Graff, a former occupant of their home, is one of the persons they find to be the most suspicious during their investigation. It is later revealed that John killed his entire family after receiving a slew of tormenting letters from the Watcher. Similarly, viewers have been wanting to learn more about the family and if the character is based on a real story. Well, we've got you covered.

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The Graff Family From 'The Watcher': The Story of the Family Is Inspired by the Story of John List Who Killed His Entire Family in Real Life; John Graff’s Wikipedia & Murders; Reddit Update!

Dean hears the story of John Graff from Detective Theodora Birch in The Watcher episode 3. John Graff and his family resided at 657 Boulevard in Westfield, New Jersey up until 1995 when John killed his mother, wife, and children after receiving a torrent of threatening letters from the Watcher.

John Graff is introduced in one of the series' most dialogue-heavy and complicated scenes. He talks about the Fourth Turning in a protracted monologue. His introduction appears to have little to do with the series plot, but if the Fourth Turning is meant to signal the arrival of a significant catastrophe, it performs a similar function. Even now, the identity of the Watcher is still a mystery in real life. But although the show doesn't directly address the question, it strongly implies that Graff is the Watcher.

Theodora tells us more about John Graff after his unsettling entrance. Up until 1995, the Graff family called 657 Boulevard home. John also received letters from the Watcher, much like Dean and Nora did. He finally murdered his mother, wife, and both of his children before vanishing. Because they were concerned that the truth might eventually surface, the locals forced the authorities to bury the case.

It is strongly suggested that Graff spent the following two decades living in the tunnels beneath his previous home. He was only known to his neighbors Pearl and her brother Jasper. The tunnel is found by one of the renovators Dean and Nora hired. Nora decides to follow Dean as he enters the tunnel. Graff even catches their eye, but he manages to escape.

If Graff is the Watcher of today, he was not when he started receiving those letters. It's likely that the Watcher from that era has passed away and John Graff has unintentionally taken his place as the new Watcher. The reason why female DNA was discovered on the envelope can be attributed to his relationship with Pearl. She might be the one who stuffs the letters in the mailbox at 657 Boulevard.

Graff is one of the few people who has access to the dumbwaiter, which is reportedly connected to the underground, and through which Karen Calhoun receives the Watcher letter after purchasing the property.

In the drama, John Graff actually murdered his family. Theodora attempts to deny any involvement, but it is subsequently discovered that she was lying in order to prevent Dean from spending the rest of his life worrying about an unresolved mystery.

The killer John List, who on November 9, 1971, murdered his three children, his wife, and his mother, and then vanished like the fictional John Graff, appears to be the inspiration for the character. Prior to his capture in June 1989, he managed to avoid capture for 18 years. Following his extradition, he received five life terms in New Jersey. List passed away in Trenton, New Jersey, in March 2008. At the time, he was 82 years of age.

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