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The Pentaverate: Actor Behind MENTOR’s Voice; What Exactly Is a MENTOR?

May 10, 2022 @ 2:54 EDT
The Pentaverate: Actor Behind MENTOR’s Voice; What Exactly Is a MENTOR?

Gregory Hoyt is the man behind MENTOR's voice in Netflix's The Pentaverate. The creator of the show is Mike Myers, an actor, and comedian who also stars in it as eight different characters. Jason Eccleston, one of the characters in the show, invented the MENTOR which is a supercomputer for the Pentaverate. Go through the article to know more about the actor behind MENTOR's voice in addition to its full cast.

The Pentaverate, a Netflix original series, depicts an old-school Canadian journalist who gets engaged with a world-controlling secret global society. As numerous characters, including the central journalist Ken Scarborough, Mike Myers is at his hilarious best. When Ken, who was looking for a breaking news item, finds himself in charge of the world's fate, he embarks on a conspiracy theory-fueled adventure.

The Pentaverate is a reference to the secret society at the center of the series, as well as Myers' 1993 film. In reality, the series pays respect to a few other Mike Myers films, such as Shrek and Austin Powers. The full cast includes Mike Myers himself, Lydia West, Richard McCabe, Jeremy Irons, Debi Mazar, Keegan-Michael Key, Ken Jeong, and Jennifer Saunders.

MENTOR is one of the most intriguing characters in the show, and also has a key role in the show's conclusion. Some fans have been curious to know more about MENTOR and the actor behind his voice in the show.

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The Pentaverate: What Is a MENTOR? Who Is the Actor Behind MENTOR’s Voice in the Netflix Show?

Before recognizing the person behind MENTOR's voice, let's know what it really is in the Netflix show. When Dr. Hobart Clark, the Pentaverate's newest (and shortly to be murdered) member, is given an introduction to the secret society, MENTOR is first introduced. Older members inform the surprised Dr. Clark that MENTOR is a supercomputer that contains all of the Pentaverate's ancient knowledge and more.

MENTOR is a computer with a soul, depicted by a triangle screen with a single eye inside. As a result, it is much more than a computer and is more similar to a real being with a personality.

Of course, the show's withering comedy isn't far behind, and MENTOR, unfortunately, has the soul of a crude Bostonian. MENTOR is an irritable assistant who unwillingly assists the Pentaverate while regaling them with astonishingly terrible language. More information about the supercomputer is revealed as the show progresses.

MENTOR was created by late member Jason Eccleston, and with its enormous computing power and knowledge, it can effectively manage all information on the internet.

When Bruce Baldwin goes rogue and tries to sell MENTOR to the highest bidder, he basically states that the supercomputer would let the user build their own reality. Of course, few world leaders are impressed by Baldwin's proposal, and the auction is abandoned, leaving just the most unscrupulous buyers.

MENTOR finally comes to an end when Ken is chosen to give the supercomputer a new soul. The foul-mouthed original soul is removed, and KENTOR is formed when the supercomputer and the exceedingly pleasant Canadian journalist unite.

Interestingly, MENTOR's appearance is a replica of the Pentaverate's logo. It also makes reference to the Eye of Providence symbol, which has long been linked to conspiracy theories and secret organizations such as the Freemasons and the Illuminati.

Gregory Hoyt (@hoytamania), a stage and screen actor, is the voice of MENTOR. The actor brings serious foul-mouthed humor to the part, and despite the fact that we only see one eye of MENTOR, the supercomputer feels like an active member of the Pentaverate.

Hoyt has a broad number of performing credentials, including starring roles in shows like Klaus, in which he plays the title character.

Hoyt has also played Your Cousin From Boston in Samuel Adams' advertisements for a long time. In The Pentaverate, this clearly rubs off on MENTOR, giving the supercomputer a weirdly exaggerated yet authentic Boston identity.

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