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Taron Egerton’s Wife/Girlfriend in 2022: Is He in a Relationship With Emily Thomas? Are They Still Together? Raya App & the Sandman Update!

Aug 8, 2022 @ 5:07 EDT
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Taron Egerton’s Wife/Girlfriend in 2022: Is He in a Relationship With Emily Thomas? Are They Still Together? Raya App & the Sandman Update!

Taron Egerton, who was rumored to be in Netflix's The Sandman, does not have a wife or girlfriend in 2022. Some fans wonder if he is still together with Emily Thomas, however, he recently broke up with his now ex-girlfriend, Emily. Additionally, some fans were curious to know if he has a daughter. Well, he doesn't. Follow for detailed information about Taron Egerton's relationship status.

Netflix's The Sandman Season 1 follows Dream, a mighty person that rules over all dreams and stories, as he begins on a mission to rebuild his realm to its former glory after being imprisoned for nearly a century. Along the way, viewers will have the opportunity to come to know a number of well-known characters from the comics that served as the series' inspiration.

There's a good possibility that if you Googled 'The Sandman cast,' you saw Taron Egerton's name in the visual carousel featuring the main cast members of the Netflix series that comes at the top of Google searches.

The confusion over Egerton's involvement in The Sandman on Netflix comes from his participation in The Sandman Podcast in 2020, a dramatized podcast series from Audible in which Egerton provided the voice of John Constantine for the series.

Egerton participated in the podcast, but he won't be playing Constantine again in the Netflix series. As a result, he has been making headlines among the viewers. They have been wanting to know more about him. including details about his wife. Well, here is everything we know about Taron Egerton's wife.

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2022: Taron Egerton Does Not Wife/Girlfriend as He Has Never Been Married; Emily Thomas and Taron Are Not Still Together as They Recently Broke Up: Raya App & the Sandman Update!

As of 2022, Taron Egerton does not have a wife and is currently single. The 32-year-old broke up with his girlfriend, Emily Thomas, just a few months ago. According to sources, their relationship had grown stressful as a result of their busy work schedules making it difficult for them to see each other. However, Taron is back on the hunt for love and has installed the Raya dating app.

Having deleted all traces of the assistant director from his Instagram profile, sources close to the star stated,

Taron and Emily have both been really busy for the past year and it put a lot of pressure on their relationship. They have separated and it hasn’t been easy for either of them. He is taking some time for himself now but he is open to meeting someone else soon. He has been putting himself out there on Raya in the hopes he can ease himself back into dating.

Emily Thomas is a professional assistant director, according to IMDb. Emily's achievements include contributions to blockbuster superhero movies including Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Wonder Woman, and Justice League.

Following Taron's personal reasons for withdrawal from his West End production of C*ck a fortnight ago, their rumored breakup was been widely reported. Having tested positive for Covid-19, Taron missed a performance of the show after passing out on stage at a preview last month.

Although Emily and Taron started dating in 2016, the exact day and month they started dating are unknown because they were both at the peak of their careers at the time, which is the bump in the relationship's journey that occurred at that time.

Since the two of them hardly ever reveal any information about their lives and relationships, we were blown away to see Taron make a comment regarding their current romantic status.

The great potential that Taron Egerton (@taron.egerton), who is once more single, may be genuinely looking for a lady love. We could all say a prayer for him that he would find his love soon. Additionally, he was also reported to have a daughter which turns out to be nothing but just rumors.

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