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Sumner Canfield from The Home Edit: Salary, Net Worth & Instagram!

Apr 23, 2022 @ 15:42 EDT
Sumner Canfield from The Home Edit: Salary, Net Worth & Instagram!

Sumner Canfield is the Director of Product Development on The Home Edit and is a cast member of Get Organized With The Home Edit on Netflix. She previously worked as a Design Assistant at Pencil and Paper Co. Currently 30 years of age, Sumner is active on Instagram as well. Fans wonder about Sumner Canfield's net worth and salary on The Home Edit.

The demand for interior designers has dramatically uptrained, and with fulfilling the demand, several interior designers have collaborated with one another and established many companies.

Similarly, two popular as well as successful entrepreneurs, Clea Shearer, and Joanna Teplin invested $4 million into forming their own company, The Home Edit.

The Home Edit is all about helping its clients in styling as well as decorating their houses, and enhancing even the smallest details. The two businesswomen, Clea and Joanna were busy making hefty net worth from The Home Edit, and the streaming media, Netflix acted as a benediction, and thus, made a reality show, Get Organized With The Home Edit, entirely based on The Home Edit.

In the show, we met Sumner Canfield. Let's find out what connection Sumner Canfield has with The Home Edit.

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Sumner Canfield from The Home Edit: What's Her Salary & Net Worth?

The Home Edit is an interior designing company that is fully focused on alluring clients in styling and designing their houses. This company was established by two successful entrepreneurs, Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin who have invested $4 million.

While the two businesswomen were busy attracting huge amounts of profit for their livelihood, they caught Netflix's eyes, and thus, The Home Edit changed to being a reality show, Get Organized With The Home Edit.

The show had two cast members, Joanna Teplin (@joannateplin) and Clea Shearer (@cleashearer), however, apart from these people, we got see to Sumner Canfield.

Sumner Canfield is the director of product development in The Home Edit. Working in this interior design company, Sumner Canfield was blessed with the beautiful opportunity to be cast on the reality show, Get Organized With The Home Edit, and today, she has been rising to prominence.

Talking about her educational qualifications, Sumner graduated from National Cathedral School, and upon the completion of her high school, she attended Vanderbilt University and gained a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science and Religious Studies.

Just after her graduation, Sumner from The Home Edit worked as a sales support in Madwell, and later with time, she started indulging herself in the design stuff and started working as a design assistant in a popular company.

Sumner Canfield joined The Home Edit in March 2022, and since then she has been working as the Director of Product Development. Just before joining The Home Edit, Summer Canfield had dedicated herself to working as the co-director of hiring, training, and development.

When it comes to her salary and net worth, unfortunately, these details have not been disclosed in the public domain.

Meanwhile, Sumner Canfield is active on Instagram, and through her posts, we get updated on her personal and professional life.

Instagram: Is Sumner Canfield from The Home Edit Married?

The Director of Product Development, Sumner Canfield is a low-key person and keeps her life personal. Due to her discretion in her personal life, we are unknown about her parents, birthplace, and birthdate. The only thing that she has revealed about herself is her professional career from her early days to today.

Talking about her love life, we do not have exact information but there's no such post that provides evidence of Sumner having a boyfriend. However, it isn't safe to draw a conclusion about Sumner's love life as there may be equal chances that she might be dating a person in private.

The one fact that we can guarantee is Sumner Canfield is unmarried, and maybe soon in the future, we might get to see her wedding photos on her Instagram account.

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