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Shows Like The Home Edit on Netflix: Check Out These Similar Shows!

Apr 19, 2022 @ 11:30 EDT
Shows Like The Home Edit on Netflix: Check Out These Similar Shows!

Many viewers have been in search of shows like Netflix's Get Organized with The Home Edit. Since the second season of the home organizing show dropped in April on Netflix, many fans immediately started seeking similar TV shows about the proper organization of homes as well as house cleaning and decluttering. Some fans even claimed that the Netflix show helped them with their mental health. Clea and Joanna's company, The Home Edit, isn't the first one to help you with your daily life. Here are some of the shows similar to Get Organized with The Home Edit.

Get Organized With The Home Edit Season 2 arrived on Netflix just in time for spring cleaning enthusiasts. This show, hosted by Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin, shows how to edit, categorize, confine, and preserve living areas with the help of their team of organizers and constructors.

TV shows that encourage downsizing, organizing, and cleaning have gained in popularity in recent years as more individuals have emphasized remaining at home or working from home.

You're binge-watching Get Organized with The Home Edit one minute and buying containers for every inch of your house the next. Six episodes passed us by in a flash, and now we're left waiting for a new season. Still, looking for some home renovation ideas?

Previously, we touched on John Shearer and Sumner Canfield.

Some Shows That Are Similar to Netflix's Get Organized with The Home Edit

While Netflix's Get Organized with The Home Edit's approach is a good place to start, there are a number of other TV series that provide unique ideas, tactics, and techniques that may inspire viewers to start a new home project while they wait to see whether Get Organized will be renewed.

Here are some shows like Get Organized with The Home Edit to add to your queue.

1) Tidying Up With Marie Kondo

Marie Kondo discusses the steps of her KonMari organization process and provides useful tips on how to fold different types of clothing and determine whether an item inspires pleasure in each episode of Tidying Up With Marie Kondo.

Marie communicates with her customers on a regular basis during the cleaning process, whereas The Home Edit prefers to send clients away once they have defined their requirements and objectives. Both of these opposing concepts have a favorable influence on their respective clientele.

Viewers can clearly tell that Marie's clients are proud of their hard work, whilst Joanna and Clea's clients feel pleased to enter into a clean, professionally designed room.

2) Hot Mess House

For many individuals, like Cassandra Aarssen, an organizing guru and self-proclaimed clutter bug, virtual meetings have become second nature. Cassandra consults her customers and observes their living areas via videoconferencing as the host of Hot Mess House.

Cassandra proposes solutions and gives her clients furniture that they must assemble and install themselves once she analyzes their organizing styles. Cassandra offers moral support and helpful advice from afar, but the makeover's success ultimately depends on the client's commitment to the task.

3) Sparking Joy With Marie Kondo

Sparking Joy With Marie Kondo has a deeper meaning than Tidying Up since it examines how an unstructured environment may stress the relationships of those who live in it. Marie provides motivational tips on how to communicate effectively and how to build a powerful space away from stressors to recover.

When other home design reality TV series wraps up, there's frequently no way to check in with the clients to see how they're doing. One week following Marie's intervention, Sparking Joy presents a brief update to highlight how far Marie's clients have progressed.

4) Clean House

Clean House was a reality competition show in which two families with very untidy houses were put against one other and given 24 hours and limitless cleaning materials to determine who would end up with the cleanest house.

The unusual idea may sound like a social experiment, but the winning family earned a year's supply of Clorox cleaning supplies and Molly Maid maid services, as well as $1,000, each week.

Molly Pesce, the host of Clean House, provided storage containers and cleaning suggestions, but she was not permitted to actively assist participants in sorting through their stuff, editing out useless items, or cleaning, as she was on Hot Mess House.

The contestants showed incredible improvement in only one day, making it difficult for Molly to pick a winner.

5) The Amandas

Despite the fact that Amanda LeBlanc's team of organizers came from a diversity of backgrounds and did not share their boss's first name, they were called The Amandas. They were required to conform to their boss's organizing procedures to the letter and satisfy her high standards.

This old Style Network show featured a lot of personalities, fashionable attire, and candid conversations, similar to some of Bravo's finest reality shows.

While Amanda's leadership style appeared excessive, her desire to delight her clients was genuine. On Get Organized With The Home Edit, Amanda's high standards and tight deadlines are comparable to Clea and Joanna's.

Both shows highlight how strong female leadership and collaboration can accomplish a lot in a short period of time.

6) Master The Mess

Clea and Joanna created a YouTube show called Master The Mess before reaching widespread fame with Get Organized With The Home Edit, which was also produced by Reese Witherspoon's company, Hello Sunshine. Client projects were paired with actual chaotic moments from the working partner in this smaller-scale performance.

Some aspects at The Home Edit haven't changed since the beginning, such as Joanna and Clea's love of form, function, signature labels, and rainbows, while their company continues to develop and achieve new levels of success.

These two women's iconic connection is at the core of their two performances and successful business. This dynamic duo is extremely fortunate to enjoy one of reality television's greatest female friendships.

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