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Is Shantol Jackson Pregnant?

Feb 22, 2024 @ 5:27 EST
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Is Shantol Jackson Pregnant?

Shantol Jackson does not appear to be pregnant as she has not made any public statements regarding her pregnancy. In the meantime, she is reportedly single and has not disclosed any details about her relationship status.

Shantol Jackson is a 31-year-old Jamaican actress who is considered to be one of the rising talents. She attended a drama club in her seventh-grade year at Ardenne High School, where her passion for acting began. Since then, she has staged numerous plays in Jamaica and around the world.

Likely, she has starred in Storm Saulter's first feature film, 'Sprinter' in 2016, and appeared in Sharon Leach's short film, 'Sugar', which was directed by Michelle Serieux. Furthermore, she also starred in 'Yardie', directed by Idris Elba, which was selected for the Sundance Film Festival in Utah in January 2018.

Currently, Shantol Jackson is a regular cast member on BBC One's 'Death in Paradise', where her character, Sergeant Naomi Thomas, has worked closely with Neville Parker together quickly becoming a fan-favorite. However, the actress has recently been the subject of debate due to the rumor that she is pregnant. Well, let's discover the truth.

Shantol Jackson Doesn’t Appear to Be Pregnant!

A lot of people believe Shantol Jackson is pregnant at the moment. Speculation regarding the actress's pregnancy all began when she posted multiple images on social media in which she appeared to have a larger belly than before.

After the pictures went viral, many began to suspect that the Death in Paradise star was pregnant. But to let you know, the 31-year-old Jamaican actress doesn't seem to be pregnant in 2024 and her body simply appears to be grasping intimately.

Shantol Jackson is not pregnant. netflixdeed.comShantol Jackson is not pregnant.
Image Source: Instagram

Likely, Shantol Jackson has also not made any public statements regarding her pregnancy allegation. As a result, it is safe to assume the actress likes to keep her personal life private and stay away from the media.

Furthermore, it is essential to understand and respect her decision and right to confidentiality. Well, we hope to get back soon as we gain more information regarding her personal life and whether or not she is pregnant.

Shantol Jackson ‘Pregnant’ Rumor Has Sparked a Lot of Interest in Her Relationship Status!

Since the news of Shantol Jackson being pregnant rumors became apparent, fans have been searching for information regarding her personal life, especially who her partner is. However, according to the source available, Shantol Jackson is currently single and has yet to get married.

Shantol Jackson has kept her relationship status private. netflixdeed.comShantol Jackson has kept her relationship status private.
Image Source: Instagram

As we know, Shantol Jackson has quickly become one of Jamaica's rising stars, securing a prominent part after only a few years in the industry.  Her debut feature film was Sprinter, and she appeared in the short film Sugar. She then joined the cast of Death in Paradise for season 11, and she has amassed a large following.

The 31-year-old actress is on Instagram, but she hasn't revealed too much about her dating status. It is unclear whether Shantol is dating anyone, but she does not appear to be married.  As the actress's popularity develops, more details about her personal life may become public.

For the time being, she is keeping her dating status private. However, opening up about her role in the 'Death in Paradise', she previously told The British Blacklist:

Naomi is a young, driven, ambitious Sergeant who was transferred to Saint Marie to fill her very first Sergeant post. She’s from the tiniest island in the Caribbean that has experienced little to no crime, so as it relates to solving murders, she has zero experience.

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