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Who Is Sam Herrera/Samantha Herrera? Know More About the Ex-girlfriend of John McAfee; Age, Instagram & More; Running With the Devil Update!

Sep 1, 2022 @ 7:10 EDT
Who Is Sam Herrera/Samantha Herrera? Know More About the Ex-girlfriend of John McAfee; Age, Instagram & More; Running With the Devil Update!

Sam Herrera aka Samantha Herrera, who is 30 years old in 2022, is the ex-girlfriend of John McAfee who wanted to marry him when she was just 18. Later, the couple had to split after John was forced to move to the US. According to Netflix's Running with the Devil, she got a call who claimed to be John and told her he faked his death. Additionally, she does not have an Instagram account but is active on her Facebook page.

John McAfee, a real-life computer prodigy, led a wild existence. That is what the brand-new Running with the Devil: The Wild World of John McAfee documentary on Netflix uncovers as the story is recounted entirely through unedited, unheard-of footage. McAfee was a British-born American computer programmer, entrepreneur, and two-time candidate for president of the United States on the Libertarian Party's ticket.

Despite the enormous success he had with the antiviral software he developed, his erratic personality led to a life story that rivals anything in a Hollywood action film. Sam Herrera/Samantha Herrera joined him on his adventure, even if only for a moment, and found herself in the thick of the chaos that left everyone in a state of shock.

John McAfee was a mystery to everyone, and although Herrera imagined a future with him, it turned out that she knew nothing more about the mysterious millionaire. McAfee and Herrera's story and the events leading to their split are revealed in the Netflix documentary. Well, let's find out more about Sam Herrera and her relationship with McAfee.

Meet Sam Herrera Aka Samantha Herrera: The Ex-girlfriend of John McAfee Was Just 18 When She Met John and Even Wanted to Get Married; Age, Instagram & More; Running With the Devil Update!

John McAfee's ex-girlfriend, Sam Herrera/Samantha Herrera, had just turned 18 when she first met the Belize-based tech millionaire who was leading a wild lifestyle. When McAfee's next-door neighbor, Gregory Faull, died suddenly in 2012 under questionable circumstances, he started to worry that the Belizean government would come after him since he thought he had the means to expose their corruption.

Herrera decided to follow him when he decided to run. They planned to get married, and it appeared that they may be safe in America as they crossed into Guatemala. The couple's journey, however, came to an end at this point.

While McAfee's fake death may appear unbelievable to outsiders, Sam Herrera has direct experience of McAfee's outrageous schemes. He previously suffered a heart attack while in Guatemala, which oddly permitted him to return to the US, raising some questions about the circumstances.

McAfee lamented the fact that Herrera couldn't travel with him to the United States at the time but afterward claimed that Herrera had set him up. Herrera, however, had already seen her fair share of highs and lows with McAfee by this point.

Sam Herrera, who is 30 years old in 2022, currently is a bartender who lives in Orange Walk, Belize. While she does not have an Instagram account, her Facebook page indicates she does not currently appear to be in a committed relationship, but she does have a lovely family that includes two children. Herrera made the decision to avoid the spotlight after her adventures with McAfee came to an end.

She didn't speak much about it in the media, but she did divulge some information in the Netflix original Running With the Devil and Gringo: The Dangerous Life of John McAfee on Showtime.

In the latter, Sam Herrera also disclosed that although McAfee had passed away in 2021, she later received a call from a man claiming to be McAfee. He claimed to be in hiding in Texas and to have pretended to pass away in order to escape the Spanish prison. Additionally, he requested Herrera to flee with him.

Although Sam Herrera claims at the end of the Netflix documentary that she received a questionable call that was reportedly from McAfee, it is unclear whether or not she truly believes that McAfee is the one who called her.

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