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Love is Blind Japan: Are Ryotaro and Motomi Still Together?

Feb 27, 2022 @ 7:01 EST
Love is Blind Japan: Are Ryotaro and Motomi Still Together?

Ryotaro and Motomi from Love is Blind: Japan had a rough start to their relationship but are now one of the favorite couples. From dying hair to cooking food, know more about Ryotaro and Motomi's journey in the Netflix show and if they are still together. Reddit users seek Love is Blind Japan alums Ryotaro and Motomi on Instagram.

Love is Blind: Japan explores the concept of falling in love without a physical connection in what can only be characterized as a rollercoaster trip of romance, drama, laughs, and heartache on Netflix.

It's a spin-off of Love is Blind, and follows a group of singles as they go from speed dating to engagement without ever seeing each other, only to walk down the aisle after determining whether or not they're the right match.

Ryotaro and Motomi were one such couple in Season 1 of the Japanese version of Love is Blind. If you want to learn more about their sweet story and how they're doing now, we've got all the information you need.

Love is Blind Japan: How Did Ryotaro and Motomi Fall in Love?

Almost as soon as Ryotaro (@yamauchi_ryoutaro) and Motomi (@motomi_228) met in the pods of Love is Blind: Japan, there was a spark between them that couldn't be ignored, leading to a great conversation that covered all the basics.

It began with some small conversation, as one might expect, but quickly evolved into a discussion of their strengths and faults, as well as their pet Chinchillas (Ryotaro had one as a child).

The 32-year-old hairdresser was drawn to Motomi because she quickly converted his self-admitted weakness into a strength, telling him that his stubbornness is his determination.

From there, they strengthened their bond by playing a game of rapid-fire, opening up about their views and expectations, and talking about their history, all in the hopes of uncovering a variety of unusual coincidences.

The 27-year-old even confessed that she'd previously been married for less than a year in her early 20s but rather than being turned off by it, Ryotaro expressed his understanding of the circumstance with a polite message.

Thus started their continuous letter exchanges, which enabled them to express themselves and be sensitive in ways they had never done before.

Motomi had been connecting with Atsushi for the majority of this time, but that stopped when she discovered that he was hoping for traditional marriage, with his wife doing all of the housework.

That's when her connection with Ryotaro grew stronger on Love is Blind: Japan, resulting in a love proposal that she refused by stating odd facts about herself to ensure he wouldn't be scared away before proposing again.

With a huge smile on his face, all Ryotaro could say was, "You’re perfect. You’re the cutest thing ever… I’m still game."

Are Ryotaro and Motomi Still Together?

The face-to-face meeting between Ryotaro and Motomi was just as beautiful as their relationship in the pods of Love is Blind: Japan. Nonetheless, there's no doubting that the latter was astounded by his rough look.

She even acknowledged being frightened of him because of it, but the knowledge that she knew the true Ryotaro kept her holding him. He'd previously mentioned that he was in love with her heart, so his charming expressions whenever he looked at Motomi comforted her that they'd be OK no matter what.

To be honest, Ryotaro and Motomi's mutual admiration for one another makes them one of the season's most powerful couples on Love is Blind: Japan.

As a result, it's no surprise that he changed his hair back to his original color for the first meeting with her parents (to demonstrate his sincerity) or that she cooked for him whenever she could.

This couple repeatedly demonstrated that what they had was as real as it could be, not just with their words but also with their actions, so they cheerfully said "I Do" at the altar.

We're happy to report that the hairstylist/fashion shop manager and the advertising salesperson/cooking enthusiast appear to be still together, residing in Tokyo with her pet Chinchilla.

They haven't gone public as of this writing but based on how their story has evolved and their social media presence, we feel they are still in love.

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