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Rio From Money Heist Korea: Meet Rio Actor/Cast, Lee Hyun-woo, on Instagram!

Jun 27, 2022 @ 4:48 EDT
Rio From Money Heist Korea: Meet Rio Actor/Cast, Lee Hyun-woo, on Instagram!

Rio, one of the characters in Netflix's 'Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area', is a talented hacker who eventually falls for Tokyo during the heist. Lee Hyun-woo is the real name of the cast/actor behind Rio's character. Moreover, the show has received maximum good reviews since its release. Follow the article to know more about Rio and Lee Hyun-woo.

The hugely successful Spanish television series Money Heist or La casa de papel on Netflix was recreated in South Korea as the heist action thriller series "Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area."

A uniting Korean Peninsula serves as the backdrop for the remake. North and South Korea have finally resolved to put aside their differences after years of conflict and instability. They rename the former Joint Security Area the Joint Economic Area, which develops into a significant financial center on the peninsula.

'Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area' earned largely good reviews after its release. The Korean remake's creators have received high appreciation for their skill in adapting the distinctly Spanish story to the Korean context.

As we all know, the characters also have been recreated from the Spanish version. Similarly, many viewers are curious to know about the Korean Rio. Is he similar to the Spanish version? Well, let's find it out right below.

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Who Is Rio in Netflix’s Money Heist Korea? Lee Hyun-woo Is the Real Name of the Actor/Cast Who Plays Rio in the Netflix Series!

Every heist squad has a brilliant hacker working behind the scenes to keep everything on track. Rio holds the title in Money Heist: Korea, the same as in the Spanish series.

Rio, portrayed by actor Lee Hyun-woo, is the team's youngest player and has a unique backstory to share. Rio is the team's exceptional hacker who dropped his plans to attend medical school and instead turned to crime. His journey in the K-drama, however, contains different facts and suffering than in the original series.

Every character in the series has a tough past, but Rio/Miguel Herrán is one of the few who has not experienced as much hardship as the others. He has a deep love for his parents and relatives. He begins practicing his hacker abilities at a young age. His parents thought he studied or played video games and never realized he was working.

Rio managed a cyber-attack and robbery in 2010 using local news coverage. He took banking data from American servers, but he was never caught or his identity was never disclosed. Rio remembers his family with love in Money Heist even if he is aware of their disapproval of him.

Raquel is wearing a wire when she enters the Royal Mint to make sure the hostages are secure. Before realizing it had 'Rayo' written on it, Rio takes care of it. It was the name his mother gave him. He finds that a microchip containing a video message from his parents was hidden inside the wire. The footage almost convinces him to give up.

Fans only really know the back story of Tokyo at the beginning of the K-drama. Rio's past is extensively discussed, whereas the other characters are just mentioned in passing. At the beginning of Money Heist: Korea Episode 4, the Professor teaches the crew how to treat wounds.

The professor looks at Rio and suggests that one of them knows about medicine. Everyone is astonished to learn that he had practiced medicine, but he clarified that he left medical school in the past. He leaves knowing that is why the Professor brought him in. Fans realize that he comes from a wealthy family looking back on his life. He and his father, however, are at odds because of medical school.

Rio and Tokyo's strong romance is one of the key relationships in Money Heist. After the tragedy of Tokyo's former girlfriend, the two protagonists enter the robbery with a perfect relationship. However, Tokyo's past and her relationship with Rio are both altered in Money Heist: Korea K-Drama.

The role of Rio is played by Lee Hyun-woo (@hihyunwoo). The 29-year-old cast member is a South Korean actor and singer. He began acting at the age of nine, later making appearances in the television series Queen Seondeok and The Return of Iljimae. He started working as a professional actor in 2005, and he recently returned to television after a five-year hiatus (he took a break in 2017). He completed his required military service by serving as an active-duty soldier.

Lee also made an appearance in Master of Study and To the Beautiful You. Lee earned recognition for his roles as a North Korean spy in the 2013 film Secretly, Greatly and as a smart hacker in the 2014 film The Con Artists.

Before leaving, find out if the show is the same as the original La Casa de Papel.

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