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Billie Wesker From Resident Evil on Netflix: Why Does She Shoot Jade Wesker? Meet Billie Cast/Actress, Adeline Rudolph & Siena Agudong, on Instagram!

Jul 15, 2022 @ 9:28 EDT
Billie Wesker From Resident Evil on Netflix: Why Does She Shoot Jade Wesker? Meet Billie Cast/Actress, Adeline Rudolph & Siena Agudong, on Instagram!

Billie Wesker, played by actress/cast Siena Agudong(young) and Adeline Rudolph, is the daughter of Albert Wesker and sister of Jade Wesker. She has a very kind and sympathetic heart, however, she turns out to be cold and ruthless after getting infected by the T-virus and later shoots her own sister. Follow the article to know more about Billie Wesker and what happens with her in the show.

After a popular video game, seven live-action movies, and a reboot only last year, Resident Evil makes the frightening transition to Netflix as a very bleak series. It's not particularly interesting in either time frame as it develops in the present and the future; rather, it feels more like an uninspired variation of what has gone before than an evolution.

The Wesker family, represented by Jade Wesker, Billie Wesker, and their scientist father Albert, who works for the mysterious Umbrella Corporation, are at the center of the narrative. Resident Evil has many unexpected turns along the road because the plot spans two timelines, 2022 and 2036.

As the viewers have been introduced to most of the characters a long time ago (video games and movies), many wonder if they are similar in the Netflix series as well. Billie Wesker is one of the characters fans have been eagerly wanting to know about. Well, we've got you covered. Here is everything we know, so far, about Billie Wesker in Season of Netflix's Resident Evil.

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Who Is Billie Wesker From Netflix’s Resident Evil? Why Does She Shoot Jade Wesker? Meet Billie Cast/Actress, Adeline Rudolph & Siena Agudong, on Instagram!

Billie Wesker, played by Siena Agudong(young) (@sienaagudong) and Adeline Rudolph (@adelinerudo), a quiet and reserved young woman in 2022, finds it difficult to blend in at New Raccoon City. She has a kind heart and will even go out of her way to try to mend fences with the bully at school in an effort to fit in.

After moving to New Raccoon City in 2022 with her twin sister Jade and their father, Albert, Billie quickly develops hate for Tammy, the bully at her school. Billie initially tries to be mature and make peace with Tammy, but she ends up with food all over her face. Billie manipulates Jade into helping her in breaking into the lab when she believes Umbrella may be involved in animal testing. Billie, however, is bitten by a canine carrier of the T-Virus once they arrive.

Later in the Netflix show, Billie Wesker's life begins to dramatically change. Billie (and Jade) find out that Albert is a clone and that many aspects of their existence have been fiction as she begins to feel a significant change in her body. Although Albert promises that he will improve Billie's situation, her condition continues to decline. All of this is brought to a climax in 2022 when Billie accidentally bites Simon, Evelyn's son, acquiring the T-Virus in the meantime.

As a result, Simon is killed by Evelyn. The fact that Billie and Jade don't run into one other for another 14 years suggests that this tragic event caused them to grow apart. Even after letting Jade escape, Billie, who is actually working with Umbrella troops, claims to be helping Jade and says, "We never stopped being sisters."

That quickly turns out to be a deception, as Billie Wesker merely let Jade get away so she could find her. When the two sisters finally meet, Billie admits that she has control over Evelyn (through electrodes and 87 different drugs). Billie is therefore the unidentified ruler of Umbrella. Billie shoots Jade and kidnaps Bea after seeing a huge crocodile that normally consumes everything in its path calm down in the presence of Bea.

Therefore, Billie Wesker's sympathetic nature turns out to be her downfall. Billie gets the T-Virus after researching if Umbrella uses animals in its testing. While it doesn't kill her, unlike other people, it drastically changes her personality. And by 2036, Billie evolves into a ruthless, cold person who resembles Evelyn in many ways.

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