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Remarriage and Desires Season 2: Season 1 Ending Explained; Season 2 of the Netflix Kdrama, Release Date & More!

Jul 17, 2022 @ 7:27 EDT
Remarriage and Desires Season 2: Season 1 Ending Explained; Season 2 of the Netflix Kdrama, Release Date & More!

Many viewers of the new Netflix Kdrama, Remarriage and Desires, wonder about the release date of Season 2 of the series. Well, the series has yet to be renewed for its second season. However, there's a high chance for its renewal based on how the show ended. Follow the article to know more about Remarriage & Desires Season 2 as we've explained the ending right below.

Remarriage & Desires, a soapy revenge story that keeps tightly to stereotypes yet still manages to produce a somewhat engaging eight-episode adventure, is Netflix's most recent binge-drop k-drama. Although the show is still quite new, it is important to consider its future because it is nearly certain to gain a large following.

Lee Geun-yeong wrote the script and Kim Jeong-min directed the Netflix show. There are 8 episodes in all, with each episode lasting roughly 90 minutes. It depicts the elite class of Korean culture, which views marriage and remarriage as merely a means of social development.

The central plot of Remarriage and Desires is the murder of Nam-Sik, whose wife Hye-Seung soon discovers was set up by Yoo-Hui. Rex, a matchmaking service that caters to the wealthiest, high-class individuals, including Yoo-Hui and Nam-Sik, is at the heart of all of this. War breaks out between these two women when Hye-Seung also gets involved.

As the show has been successful, so far, to win the hearts of many watchers, many of them wonder if there will be Season 2 of the show. Well, here is everything we know about Season 2 of Remarriage and Desires.

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Remarriage and Desires: Season 2 Release Date; The Netflix Kdrama’s Season 1 Ending Explained!

At the end of the Netflix series, when Chairman Cha Yong-hwan learned that Professor Cha was getting married to Ms. Seo, he immediately accused Mrs. Choi of being unproductive and, to mock her, transferred all of his shares into Cha's name.

After Mrs. Choi accused Yong-hwan of abusing her during a violent argument, Yong-hwan unexpectedly suffered a stroke and was shortly rushed to the hospital. In the hospital, Mrs. Choi sat next to Yong-hwan, who was asleep and told him about the agreement she had made with Professor Cha, according to which he would give her all of his property.

And after declaring her final move, Mrs. Choi claimed that she had ultimately won. She left Cha Yong-hwan's hospital room after suffocating him to death in a fit of arrogance. She visited the REX one last time at the end of Season 1 of Remarriage And Desires to say her final goodbyes to her most illustrious venture.

She was about to shut down REX when an unexpected visitor stopped by and urged her to delay closing down REX. The young man grabbed Mrs. Choi's attention and convinced her to let younger members like him join the REX, giving her a whole different perspective on the same industry.

In Season 1 of Remarriage and Desires, REX only helped wealthy and elderly members who wanted to remarry or were getting married later than usual for a variety of reasons. However, this new young customer convinces Mrs. Choi to consider being a matchmaker for young people who come from respectable business families or dynasties for their first marriage.

As it isn't made clear until the very end whether Professor Cha has or will transfer his property to her name, Mrs. Choi might take this suggestion under consideration. He broke their agreement by marrying Ms. Seo, which gives him cause to leave.

On the other hand, Mrs. Choi's agreement with Go Ae-Ran did not go as anticipated because Son Pil-young was arrested, thus the ban on Chairman Cha Yong-hwan’s large spread of land will not be lifted.

Speaking of sequels, Jin Yoo-hui had informed Ms. Seo that this was only the beginning, therefore she had already made a suggestion that she would return. Yoo-hui has her own shady ways of avoiding justice and penalties, so if she returns in Remarriage and Desires Season 2, Mr. Lee, Ms. Seo, and their families will likely be her first victims. It will be interesting to see what roles these people play in the upcoming season of the series and what narrative turns it takes.

Although the conclusion didn't necessarily wrap up the story, it did leave room for a potential Season 2, if Netflix decides to renew the series. Since it has yet to be renewed, it does not have any release date for now.

Before renewing a show, Netflix often evaluates a variety of indicators, including how many people first watch it and the drop-off rate every episode. Some shows undergo fast cancellations or renewals. Other times, it may take months for Netflix to decide whether or not to renew a show.

Remarriage and Desires has so far received favorable reviews from both critics and viewers, with some viewers praising this soap opera in particular.

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