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Pugsley From Dead End Paranormal Park: Voice Actor Alex Brightman Voices the Dog in the Netflix Show!

Jun 21, 2022 @ 3:16 EDT
Pugsley From Dead End Paranormal Park: Voice Actor Alex Brightman Voices the Dog in the Netflix Show!

Pugsley from Netflix's 'Dead End: Paranormal Park' is Barney's dog who joins the adventure of Barney and Norma in the series based on Hamish Steele's webcomic. He, later, becomes one of the important characters in the show. Voice actor, Alex Brightman, gives his voice to both Pugsley and Temeleuchus. Follow the article to know more about the dog and its role in the show.

Dead End: Paranormal Park, a new Netflix animated series, has been released. In this animated series for kids, two teenagers and a talking dog face demons, zombies, game show hosts, witches, and crushes at a haunted theme park.

This series will take you on a fascinating adventure from beginning to end, based on Hamish Steele's horror-comedy webcomic, DeadEndia. The three engage on several excursions during the season, some of which do not always go as planned.

The series is set in a haunting theme park possessed by supernatural and evil forces. Barney and Norma work at Dead End with the magical talking dog Pugsley, which means they have to deal with demons, spirits, wizards, and, most terrifying of all, their love life.

As mentioned above, the show also features a talking dog. Many of the viewers wonder how the dog, Pugsley, actually plays one of the important characters in the show. Well, let's find it out.

Who Is Pugsley in Dead End Paranormal Park? The Dog Is Voiced by Actor Alex Brightman!

Pugsley is a dog owned by Barney. He was first shown in the show when Barney argues with his mother as his parents were upset with his sexuality. Barney then leaves the house with his dog.

Pugsley saves Barney from being possessed by Temeluchus by running and jumping in front of the laser that was going to hit him. Regrettably, this means Barney's dog is now under the command of the demon king. The demonic dog then seeks out a throne to claim. He flees, and Barney and Norma set out to find him.

Norma, on the other hand, finds out that Temeluchus could be stopped only by taking a picture of him. After numerous failed efforts at capturing Temeluchus' picture, Barney and Norma attempt to depart the demon king.

They discover Temeluchus hasn't completely taken over Pugsley while escaping the demon king. So, while Barney distracts Temeluchus, Norma takes a picture of him. Pugsley passes out but appears to restore to his previous state.

However, Pugsley was completely rescued. He starts talking and Barney asks him not to do so in public. Pugsley is taken to a room with other mascots by the mascot. He initially believes the mascots want to eat him and other park visitors, but then one of the mascots gives him a photograph.

Courtney, on the other hand, proves that Temeluchus is still inside by holding a bit of the dog's fur up to Norma's photo of Barney and Pugsley. As soon as she does this, the picture begins to shine brightly. Courtney is hopeful that she will be able to return home soon now that the demon king still has possession of the dog.

Courtney searches the Dead End haunted mansion for a spell book for Pugsley. Courtney gives it to Pugsley when she finds it. Temeluchus, she believes, gave him more than simply the ability to walk and speak. His greatest fear is revealed to be a vacuum trying to suck him up when he touches the magical skull. He wakes up in a fearful world, fearing a massive vacuum that is hunting him.

Later, Barney and Norma discover that Pugsley has more than simply walking and talking abilities. He appears to have the ability to control objects.

Courtney receives a notification from a demon about a game show that's happening in the demon world. Pugsley comes up with a plan because obviously, Courtney can't go. Pugsley advises Barney and Norma to enter the game show in order to win the top prize.

Pugsley discovers a transference spell, which leads to a series of amusing sequences in which he takes possession of Barney, Courtney, and finally Norma. While a poor, confused Logs attempts to keep up with Barney's rapidly changing personality, they all begin fussing over who should possess him.

Visit Netflix and watch the full series there to know what happens with Pugsley and how the show ends for him. Moreover, Alex Brightman provides the voices for both Temeluchus and Pugsley. He has a huge amount of potential as a singer, composer, and actor. He is most known for his appearances as Dewey Finn in the musical adaptation of School of Rock and as the lead character in Beetlejuice the Musical.

Alex Brightman received Tony nominations for his performances in both musicals. Outside of the theater, Alex has mostly appeared in live-action and animated series such as Teen Titans Go!, The Good Fight, The Blacklist, and Law & Order: SVU.

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