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Is Pirate Gold of Adak Island Fake or Real? Did Gregory Dwargstof Really Hide His Treasure? Spoilers Ahead!

Jul 1, 2022 @ 3:52 EDT
Is Pirate Gold of Adak Island Fake or Real? Did Gregory Dwargstof Really Hide His Treasure? Spoilers Ahead!

Many Reddit users wonder if Pirate Gold of Adak Island on Netflix is fake or real after knowing the gold could be worth as much as $365 million. Many viewers believed the teams who go on a journey to find the gold hidden by Gregory Dwargstof are actually just pretending. Well, all the stories are true, however, lots of things don't seem to be real. Follow the article to know more facts about the Pirate Gold of Adak Island. WARNING! Spoilers ahead!

There's no disputing that everyone enjoys an adventure, but some of us would rather watch one than go on one. This is where Pirate Gold of Adak Island comes into action. After all, the focus of this Netflix original reality documentary series is a team of specialists' journey to finding gold worth $365 million buried beneath an island unlike any other.

Captain Gregory Dwargstof, a seal pirate, is said to have hidden his treasure in holes all across this secluded island back in 1892. The treasure is what the elite team put together by the island's mayor intends to find.

Seeing the mission and value of the gold, many viewers wonder if the Netflix show is fake. What do you? Is it scripted? Is it real? Well, here is what we think the show is.

Is Pirate Gold of Adak Island Fake or Real? Who Is Gregory Dwargstof? Spoilers Ahead!

The fact that Pirate Gold of Adak Island on Netflix has always been promoted as a documentary-style reality series suggests that its basic claim is not fake and is as realistic as it can be. Despite the fact that none of the conversations or emotions we experience are pre-written by experts, you should nevertheless consider the extent of manipulation when understanding them.

Every show like Pirate Gold of Adak Island uses a tremendous amount of resources to put it together, therefore the producers probably do get involved in certain aspects of the process to assure its success. In fact, considering how cameras always appeared to be in the right spot at the right moment, the interruption in this eight-part series was occasionally quite obvious.

The production team, despite having no apparent involvement in the mission or the difficulties that occurred, presumably had the cast retake several action scenes so they could capture everything almost in real-time. Instances of unexploded ordnance (UXOs) (bombs) plainly prevent both this and having a lensman carefully monitor the squad members from all directions.

Another strangeness was that the team's initial search for the treasure of seal pirate Captain Gregory Dwargstof didn't include much time spent on Red Bluff Hill exploration (in late 2020). This is because there have been viral rumors that it exists since at least 2017, thus it seems strange that they performed their necessary research and yet didn't even examine it previously.

The cast's one-on-one interviews were shot in Los Angeles in the summer of 2021 rather than at Adak during the active search. This is a whole new kind of gambit. In short, the post-production stage enables the staff of a show to edit the scenes so that everything seems to be happening simultaneously and as powerfully as the producers desire.

That is how the creators of this Netflix original were able to nearly perfectly express their idea by using a damaged background, a green screen, and the cast's carefully chosen on-screen wardrobe. However, none of these aspects make Pirate Gold of Adak Island wholly fake or scripted in any manner, shape, or form; as previously indicated, it is the result of skillful manipulation rather than creation from start.

In other words, while some of the content of this reality television show may have been pre-planned, re-shot, or edited, its core remains authentic, especially considering that the characters never put up a false appearance.

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