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Reddit: Was Ozark’s Ending Terrible? Fans Debate if the Ending Was Good!

May 9, 2022 @ 4:11 EDT
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Reddit: Was Ozark’s Ending Terrible? Fans Debate if the Ending Was Good!

Many Reddit users discussed how the ending of Netflix's Ozark was terrible. Season 4 Part 2 of the series was released last week which also was the season finale of the show. Many fans are also eager to know who dies at the end. Similarly, the showrunner of Ozark also explained why the show had to end that way. However, everyone did not have the same reactions as some felt the ending was good and were satisfied with how the show concluded. Go through the article to know if the ending of Ozark was terrible.

Ozark, one of Netflix's most popular shows and a frequent Emmy favorite, has concluded. The second half of Season 4 premiered this past weekend, and no one really knows how to talk about it because you could have binge-watched all seven new episodes in a day or taken half a week. Ozark has consistently been one of Netflix's most popular and successful shows.

The series, which follows Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman), a Chicago-based financial advisor who transfers his family across the country to launder money for a Mexican drug cartel, has wowed viewers with its strong cast, gripping storylines, and ability to make everything feel real.

There were several story threads that shocked audiences, from Ruth Langmore's (Julia Garner) death to Marty and Wendy Byrde's (Laura Linney) both surviving. Many viewers found the show's ending very terrible. Let's find out why the series ending was not so satisfying for many of the fans.

Previously, we touched on Tommy Pelphrey, Tuck from Ozark, and rapper Ruth.

Reddit Users Discuss About Ozark's Terrible Ending!

Ozark's final episodes premiered on Friday, April 29, following Wyatt's death at the hands of Javi Elizonndro. Ruth got her revenge in the first episode after drawing Javi into a trap, just as she promised. But she did so at her own risk.

Ruth's death was unavoidable once Javi's mother, Camila, discovered Ruth had murdered her son. Camila had threatened to come after Marty and Wendy's family if they attempted to save her. Camila grabbed Ruth and killed her, and fans could only watch in horror.

As they returned home, the Byrdes appeared devastated. They were inside when they spotted a crack in their glass patio door. They were taken aback when they saw Mel Sattem outside, figuring he had returned to Chicago. Marty and Wendy had helped him in regaining his work in the hopes that he would depart and stop looking into Ben's death. On the other hand, Mel couldn't get past the mystery of Ben's disappearance.

He recounted how he eventually figured it out and delivered a speech in which it appeared as if the Byrdes might be defeated after all. But suddenly, with his shotgun drawn, Jonah Byrde pointed at Mel and fired the trigger. They could finally return to Chicago now that all the loose ends had been wrapped.

Fans took to different platforms like Reddit after watching the episodes to express their opinions. While opinions differed, it appears that the majority of viewers were disappointed with how the episode finished. The pacing, writing, plot devices like the car crash, and all of the side stories were all criticized by many.

One Reddit user wrote, “I just canceled Netflix I can’t deal. Once I saw the scene in the diner with the rapper cameo just No.”

Similarly, another said, “How can anyone be satisfied with this? All this buildup of a family divided and a car crash and apology makes Jonah decide he’s now team Wendy so he murders a guy trying to bring justice for Ben? Cheap.”

However, not everyone was disappointed with the ending. The Ozark finale was well received by many. One Reddit user expressed, “I loved the ending. The naysayers expected a fantasy show about the good and the bad …i am happy we got a realistic end, where the anti-heroes who wanted out, got out!”

The showrunner, Chris Mundy, of Ozark spoke with Entertainment Weekly about how the ending came to be over time. He explained,

"It just became pretty clear... that this is what would happen to that character in that place in that situation, having done what she did in (season 4) episode 8, that that sort of authentic ending was that. So then it was just a matter of trying to figure that out, making peace with that or just saying, ‘Okay, that is what would happen, but we don’t want it to happen, so we’re going to do something else instead."

Therefore, it depends on how you take the show's ending. Most of the viewers certainly found it terrible. However, not everything ends as we want. Sometimes it's good to see a unique storyline for a series.

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