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The Pentaverate: Is Nuts Deep a Real Place in New York? Nutz Deep II Restaurant Explored!

May 10, 2022 @ 10:16 EDT
The Pentaverate: Is Nuts Deep a Real Place in New York? Nutz Deep II Restaurant Explored!

Viewers wonder if Nuts Deep is a real place in New York after watching The Pentaverate on Netflix. The Pentaverate is created by Mike Myers who gives voice to 8 characters in the show. There's no place such as Nuts Deep in New York. However, there are two restaurants named Nutz Deep in Wisconsin. Follow the article to know everything about Nuts Deep and Nutz Deep.

There's no shortage of ridiculous and wacky comedy when it comes to Mike Myers, and The Pentaverate on Netflix is no exception. From the conspiracy-laden concept to the obscene wordplay, it's everything we desired. The Netflix series' comedic brilliance includes a running joke about a town called Nuts Deep in New York.

It's based on a conversation between Canadian journalist Ken Scarborough (Mike Myers) and conspiracy theorist Anthony Lansdowne (also Mike Myers), as well as Ken's trustworthy assistant, Reilly (Lydia West). After debating Big Dick's Halfway Inn, the motley party winds themselves in Nuts Deep, New York. Some viewers of the show have been curious to know if Nuts deep/Nutz Deep is a real town in New York City. Well, let's find it out.

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The Pentaverate: Nuts Deep Isn’t a Real Place in New York; What Is Nutz Deep?

While crude pun-based humor may not be for everyone, it is amusing when done effectively. In Episode 1 of The Pentaverate, Anthony drives Ken and Reilly to the Pentaverate's offices in New York City, where the prank begins. Anthony mentions that they're about to pass Big Dick's Halfway Inn on the way.

Anthony explains, “Big Dick suffers from gigantism, hence the name, Big Dick. And he’s always wanted to have a hotel halfway between Toronto and Niagara Falls! Big Dick’s Halfway Inn!” By explaining the joke, The Pentaverate gives what appears to be dumb humor some more substance. The joke continues when Ken notices, “They had a gift store there, pants are half off!”

Anthony now goes even deeper into the joke's meat. “See? Reasonable prices. That’s who Big Dick is! I just hope people can see past his prolapsed anus.” It's a fantastic punchline to what appears to be a simple joke at first. The episode concludes, but Big Dick's is far from over.

The team continues their journey in Episode 2, and Anthony needs to use the restroom. "Big Dick's other hotel, the Old Log Inn," he says. Ken then inquires, "How far is the Old Log Inn?" Anthony responds, "It's in the town of Nuts Deep."

Reilly, shocked by how ridiculous this all sounds, adds to The Pentaverate's meta self-awareness, "The Old Log is in Nuts Deep, really?" Even still, the joke continues when Ken calls his old boss to reclaim his job and informs her that he is in Nuts Deep.

Apart from the show, Nuts Deep is not an actual New York town, as proven by a fast Google maps search (although New York does have some truly unique town names, such as Neversink,  Tuckahoe, Shawangunk, Horseheads, and Big Flats). Regardless, there is a restaurant called Nutz Deep II that anyone can visit and eat at.

In Wisconsin, there are two Nutz Deep II restaurants, and their backstories are as strange as we'd anticipate. According to their website, “Nutz Deep originated in Sturgeon Bay, WI as a small hole-in-the-wall tavern right on the bay. The owner at the time was Ray, who later came to work for (current owner) Dewey after his bar in Sturgeon Bay was bought out by a real estate agency.”

Take a trip to Nutz Deep II if you're in the mood for a trip to Wisconsin.  Perhaps Anthony Lansdowne will be present, generating a fresh conspiracy narrative.

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