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Has Nick Knowles Really Undergone Weight Loss?

Mar 1, 2024 @ 10:56 EST
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Has Nick Knowles Really Undergone Weight Loss?

Yes, Nick Knowles has recently undergone a weight loss of 5-10 pounds. The presenter appears a little thinner than what he used to look a few months ago.

Nicholas Simon Augustine Knowles, better known as Nick Knowles, is an English television presenter, writer, and singer most recognized for his BBC presenting duties, which include 'Who Dares Wins', 'Break the Safe', and '5-Star Family Reunion'. She also co-presented the daytime series, 'Real Rescues', and the DIY series, 'DIY SOS' for BBC One.

However, looking at the 61-year-old's recent appearance, we can see he's leaner and in better shape than before. Given that he was not particularly fit and did not appear to be concerned about his weight, the lifestyle change seemed shocking to many fans. As a result, some supporters have researched the internet to see if he has mentioned anything about what he did to lose weight. Well, here's everything you need to know about his weight loss.

Nick Knowles Weight Loss: He Appears to Have Lost 5-10 Pounds in Recent Times!

Nick Knowles' recent appearance confirms that he has undergone weight loss, around 5-10 pounds. Although he still has some fat on his body, we feel he will be able to shed it quickly. But, what strategy did he follow for his weight loss journey?

The gravelly-voiced TV presenter has a much better physique these days. He has previously revealed his fitness secrets to the public. In an interview with the Thr Telegraph, he stated that was able to lose nine kilos by doing yoga and becoming a vegan flexitarian.

Nick Knowles's latest appearance after weight loss. netflixdeed.comNick Knowles's latest appearance after weight loss. 
Image Source: Instagram

After weight loss, no one was more startled than Nick Knowles himself, as if all of this seemed like a break from the man who had been pulling off construction-related and emotional wonders in DIY SOS for the previous 17 years.

Knowing that he needed to take care of himself since he was exhausted, overweight, and felt unwell, he claimed he was the last person who would ever go on a journey like this. Going there felt like hitting the reset button on his life.

Later, he saw a friend who, after a month at a healing resort, appeared to be ten years younger; amazed by his weight loss transformation, the broadcaster thought he had the perfect concept for a TV show. Executives disagreed, so he paid for The Retreat, a week-long series in which unexpected individuals undergo a lifestyle transformation at a lodge on the South China Sea, out of his wallet. He recalled,

Most of the people interested in wellness are a bit hippy – vegans who go to tree-hugging events and are sold on the idea before they get there. I was a confirmed carnivore and didn’t believe in airy-fairy treatments... Between 30 and 60 a lot of people are looking for something in their lives and they’re not sure what it is, or whether they’ve got mental or physical control.

For The Retreat, Nick Knowles travels to the resort with DIY SOS colleagues Billy and Julian and seven others. They include Maggie, a management executive having to cope with her mother's death, and Milton, an 18-stone taxi driver who was diagnosed with Type Two diabetes a year ago.

The weight loss method included fasting, vegan eating, and a variety of alternative therapies such as reiki, a Japanese stress-reduction technique, and meditation. Throughout the 28 days, all volunteers were evaluated in a neighboring Western hospital to determine how effective they had been.

Later, Milton's diabetes diagnosis was reversed within a week, and everyone's cholesterol, blood pressure, and weight levels improved. Perhaps unsurprising given they were barely eating and going on hot beach walks, not to mention regular colonic-enema hybrid, but Nick Knowles was shocked by the seismic change that happened.

More About Nick Knowles’ Weight Loss Journey!

Looking at his before and after pictures, Nick Knowles appears significantly better and healthier, thanks to his minimal weight loss. However, his transformation journey didn't come without a reason.

Nick Knowles has yet to reveal his weight loss secrets. netflixdeed.comNick Knowles has yet to reveal his weight loss secrets. 
Image Source: Instagram

People mocked his weight a year ago across social media. While it's only a guess, we strongly believe he has lost a minimum of 5 pounds to this date. Meanwhile, he has yet to speak about his recent weight loss journey.

Nobody knew the actor was on a weight-loss quest since, while he may appear big among co-stars, he did not appear to have excess weight to shed to the general public. They were shocked to see him in his new form. However, because he has not officially recognized his weight loss, the accurate strategy is yet not publicly available.

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