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Did Dame Jenni Murray Receive Weight Loss Surgery?

Feb 15, 2024 @ 11:09 EST
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Did Dame Jenni Murray Receive Weight Loss Surgery?

Dame Jenni Murray's weight loss journey has inspired many to live a healthy lifestyle. She decided to undergo a sleeve gastrectomy after struggling with health issues, reducing her size from 24 to 14.

Dame Jennifer Murray is an English journalist and broadcaster who began her career at BBC Radio Bristol in 1973 before becoming a reporter and presenter for South Today. However, recently, she has been on a highlight due to her drastic weight loss journey. She looks completely incredible in her new body. But how was she able to lose such weight? Well, let's find out the truth.

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Dame Jenni Murray Took the Help of Surgery for Her Weight Loss!

Dame Jenni Murray's (@whjm) weight loss journey has recently stunned many people. But to let you know, she has spent much of her adult life overweight or obese. She tried every diet, from Weight Watchers to Atkins and Dukon, but ended up regaining all of the weight. When she reached 64, the presenter ignored the scales, refusing to associate her weight with health risks, telling herself she was large and happy.

But in private, she feared that being obese would kill her before she turned 70. She'd already had breast cancer and a double hip replacement. Later, the spark to undergo weight loss occurred during one of her slow when walks with her dogs and her son, Charlie. They were enjoying a quick sit-down when an obese woman passed them on a mobility scooter, her two dogs jogging after her, their leads tied to the handlebar.

Dame Jenni Murray before and after weight loss. netflixdeed.comDame Jenni Murray before and after weight loss.
Image Source: Netflixdeed The Guardian

Jenni Murray remembers Charlie saying, "Blimey Mum if you aren’t careful, that’ll be you before long'," in a worried voice. His remark inspired her to eventually undergo 10 stone of weight loss and maintain her body and health. Later, in her memoir, Fat Cow, Fat Chance, she shared her open tale of her fight with obesity while also delving into the physics and psychology of size.

As per the English journalist, her mother, Win used to feed her big quantities and mercilessly fat-shamed her after she gained weight. Later, when she returned from Hull University 2 stones heavier during her first year's Easter break, having lived on bread, chips, stodgy canteen food, and beer from the student union bar, her mother couldn't contain her rage, telling her, 'You look like a baby elephant'.

However, Jenni Murray's weight skyrocketed while working on Woman's Hour, prompting her to relocate to the Peak District with her husband and kids. During the week, she resided in a basement flat in London, where she became despondent and began eating comfort foods. She only ate healthily on weekends, when she was home with her family.

Later, the presenter went on to have therapy, which did not work for her, and she tried several diets, all of which were unsuccessful. She eventually decided to have weight loss surgery after her new doctor informed her bluntly that she needed to lose weight. She had colleagues who had undergone gastric band surgery but she was wary after hearing horror stories about catastrophic outcomes.

Finally, a guest surgeon discussing childhood obesity on her show walked her through the possibilities (off air), and she chose a sleeve gastrectomy, an irreversible treatment in which a big portion of the stomach is removed, allowing her to eat less and feel fuller faster. The recovery was far less painful than she had imagined and was able to return to work two weeks following the surgery,

As Jenni Murray declared in her book, she lost 8 stone in less than a year. Today, she looks healthier than before after her weight loss journey. After years, her weight was settled at about 14 stones from 24 stones, which she's happy with. Likely, her energy levels and mobility have also changed. However, she does not want any further surgery to remove the loose skin that has accumulated around her tummy and the tops of her arms.

Take a Look at Dame Jenni Murray’s Early Life & Career!

Jenni Murray was born on May 12, 1950, in Barnsley, West Riding of Yorkshire, to Alvin Bailey and Winifred Jones. Later, she attended Barnsley Girls' High School, a grammar school, and graduated with A levels in French, English, and History. She holds a degree in French and Drama from the University of Hull.

Jenni Murray released her memoir, Fat Cow, Fat, Chancein 2020. netflixdeed.comJenni Murray released her memoir, Fat Cow, Fat, Chancein 2020.
Image Source: The Guardian

She began working for BBC Radio Bristol in 1973 before moving on to become a reporter and presenter for the regional TV news show, South Today. She then worked as a newsreader and then as a presenter on the BBC's Newsnight television show for two years beginning in 1983, before going to BBC Radio 4 to broadcast Today.

Furthermore, Jenni Murray later replaced Sue MacGregor as the host of Woman's Hour in 1987. Since then, she has broadcast BBC Radio 4's The Message and written for journals and newspapers such as The Guardian, Daily Express, and Daily Mail. In addition, she hosted her final Woman's Hour on October 1, 2020.

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