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Nicholas Galitzine’s Ethnicity: Age, Parents & Nationality of the the Purple Heart Cast Discussed!

Aug 5, 2022 @ 11:13 EDT
Nicholas Galitzine’s Ethnicity: Age, Parents & Nationality of the the Purple Heart Cast Discussed!

Nicholas Galitzine, one of the leading cast members of Netflix's Purple Hearts, was born in England to his parents of mixed nationality. While his father Geoffrey Galitzine belongs to a Russian Prince family, his mother Lora Galatzine is a Greek-American. Additionally, Nicholas grew up with his sister, Lexi Galitzine.

Purple Hearts, a new Netflix film starring Sofia Carson and Nicholas Galitzine, had viewers reaching for tissues on multiple occasions. The heartwarming movie, which stars Carson as singer-songwriter Cassie and Nicholas as Luke is based on Tess Wakefield's 2017 novel of the same name. The two decide to wed just for the sake of the military, but following a tragedy, their fake marriage starts to turn into a true one as they become closer and bond.

Some viewers have criticized the movie for being military propaganda and for being dismissive of the film's casual racism. However, it has been trending globally. The main reason why the Netflix original has so many fans is because of the chemistry between Sofia Carson and Nicholas Galitzine.

As a result, viewers seek more information about the two leading cast members, including their ethnicity. Previously we've already discussed Sofia's ethnicity. Therefore, here is everything we know about Nicholas Galitzine's home country, parents, and more.

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Nicholas Galitzine’s Ethnicity: The Purple Hearts Cast Is a British Actor Who Was Born to His Parents, Lora Galitzine and Geoffrey Latazine; Age, Ancestory & Sister Lexi!

Nicholas Galitzine (@nicholasgalitzine) was born to Geoffrey and Lora Galatzine on September 29, 1994, in England. His mother is Greek-American, while his father is descended from Russian aristocracy. He spent his childhood with his sister Lexi Galitzine. As of now the Purple Hearts is 22 years old and will be 28 in 2 months.

One of the most well-known noble houses in Russia was the House of Galitzine. By the middle of the 19th century, the Galitzines controlled a huge territory and so much real estate, according to Russian memoirist Filipp Vigel.

After Vigel's protest, the Galitzines' hold on the region, their wealth, and their power were close to the end. The Galitzines were hunted down and put to death in the Gulags by the Bolsheviks after the October Revolution began in 1917.

The Galitzines were one of the groups that the Bolshevik secret police executed between 1917 and 1922. Only one of the numerous branches of a family that existed in 1917 saw the creation of the Soviet Union.

While some families just disappeared, others like Nicholas' family, made their way abroad as refugees. The descendants of Nicholas moved to England, where they settled and excelled.

Talking about his educational background, Nicholas Galitzine attended Dulwich College in London after completing his high school education, if you're curious about his scholastic background. Later, to further his growing acting passion, he joined a child theater company at the Pleasance in Islington.

As a beginner, the actor pursued his career in movies by playing Tom in his debut movie, The Beat Beneath My Feet, in 2014. After that, in 2015, he played the role of Angelo on the TV show, Legends. Galitzine later performed in a number of films, including High Strug (2016), Handsome Devil (2016), The Changeover (2017), Share (2019), The Craft (2020), etc.

Regarding her romantic life, Nicholas Galitzine is not presently dating anyone, or in other words, he is not currently dating anyone. Furthermore, he rarely discusses his past relationships with the public; as a result, nothing is known about his personal life. Nicholas is therefore focusing on his career while also looking for his ideal partner.

Furthermore, Galtzine has been chosen to play the fictional Prince Henry of Wales opposite Taylor Zakhar Perez in the movie adaption of the romantic comedy Red, White, & Royal Blue in 2022. Similarly, on June 24, 2022, his lead single, Comfort, was made available.

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