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Nicandro From Who Killed Sara: Meet Nicandro Actor/Cast, Martin Saracho!

May 27, 2022 @ 5:43 EDT
Nicandro From Who Killed Sara: Meet Nicandro Actor/Cast, Martin Saracho!

Nicandro, one of the characters of Netflix's Who Killed Sara, is somehow involved in Sara's death. He is also very aware of Sara's dark side. When it comes to his real name, Nicandro is played by Mexican actor Martin Saracho. Follow the article to know more about Nicandro and the cast behind the character in the Netflix show.

Netflix's 'Who Killed Sara?', a popular Mexican mystery thriller, follows Alex Guzman as he searches for his sister's killer in a crime that left him in prison for almost two decades. It's no surprise that the show is a perfect combination of murder mystery and family drama, written by Chilean writer Jose Ignacio Valenzuela, an award-winning telenovela.

Season two of Who Killed Sara did certainly leave the audience speechless. From the beginning, Who Killed has been a suspenseful mystery. All of the twists and turns were unexpected, but the name Nicandro was the biggest surprise. In addition to having a clear motive, he is one of the few persons who has witnessed Sara's dark side.

Let's know more about Nicandro and how he is one of the important characters in the Netflix show. Also, know about the actor behind Nicandro in the Netflix series.

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Who Is Nicandro in Who Killed Sara? Did He Kill Sara?

Nicandro is a wealthy acquaintance of the Lazcano brothers who comes into the spotlight in season 2 of the Netflix series. Nicandro is soon seen offering Sara drugs, coming across as arrogant and dismissive of Alex and his sister's basic appearance.

Sara had seen Nicandro selling drugs and needed money to help her father in escaping. As a result, she asked for his permission to join the deal. Nicandro was forced to pay in advance, however, and she later refused to pay him back.

Sara's sociopathic streak comes out when Nicandro threatens her again, so she sneakily cuts his motorcycle's brake wires. Elroy secretly records her activities and gives all the evidence to Nicandro, who is in the hospital following a bike accident.

As a result, Nicandro, like Elroy, is one of the first to realize how twisted Sara is and has a tremendous desire for vengeance. He vanishes soon after Sara's death and reappears as an adult years later. Thus, Nicandro had a reason to kill her.

Furthermore, he is one of the few people who are aware of Sara's dark side. He was well aware of Sara's vulnerability. Nicandro's re-entry into Sara's case is facilitated by Marifer, who recognizes that he has proof of Sara's twisted character from Elroy all those years ago. Sara breaking Nicandro's brake wires and having an intimate affair with Cesar Lazcano is among the photos in the proof folder.

Alex accepts the evidence folder and believes Nicandro when he insists he didn't kill Sara, despite his relationship with his sister. Soon later, Marifer confesses to severing Sara's parachute straps, allowing Nicandro to escape suspicion for the murder once more.

The actual mystery of the shady character is exposed in the season 2 finale when he is seen talking to Sara's old doctor about money that the doctor received in exchange for keeping the information that Sara was a test subject for a secretive project hidden.

Nicandro then admits over the phone that Sara's death was caused by him, the doctor, and possibly others participating in the research. No one is permitted to find out, ostensibly because the risks are too great.

Furthermore, he appears to be involved in the medusa project that claimed Sarah's life. He was advising the doctor not to tell anyone about it. Though it is unknown how Nicandro was engaged in Sara's death, it appears that he was active in the project that resulted in her death. We also see him retrieve Sara's file from a cabinet full of similar files, implying that there have been many subjects in the project since.

As for the real name of the performer, Nicandro is played by Martin Saracho (@martinsaracho). He is an actor and director who has worked on films such as Love Spells (2021) and Dark Desire (2020). He is also a well-known theater performer.

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