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2022: Who Is the Mole in Netflix’s The Mole; Reddit Update!

Oct 14, 2022 @ 5:16 EDT
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2022: Who Is the Mole in Netflix’s The Mole; Reddit Update!

The Mole on Netflix is the reboot of the ABC reality show which premiered between 2001 to 2008. The first five episodes of the show are already available on the streaming platform, while the three more episodes will be available on October 14, 2022, and the remaining two episodes with be available on October 21, 2022. In this article, we present you the reasons why Reddit users believe that he/she might be the mole from the remaining 8 contestants.

We love an excellent reboot! The Mole, an ABC reality competition series that ran from 2001 to 2008, has been revived by Netflix. The action-packed series, which was first hosted by Anderson Cooper, gave contestants a variety of tasks to do in order to enhance their winnings, which were then given to the last person standing.

One of these competitors had, however, been chosen in secrecy as the mole. In short, their role as the mole was to undermine the team during the competition. Contestants would answer questions about who they believed to be the mole each week. The one who strayed the furthest from the truth would be sent home.

The first five episodes of The Mole, which is set in Australia this time, were filmed in some of Queensland's most breathtaking locations, including the Daintree Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef. Episodes 1 to 5 were released on October 7; the following three episodes will be released on October 14; and the remaining two episodes, which include the finale, will be released on October 21. We don't know who the mole is just yet, however, Reddit users have given their thoughts on who the mole might be.

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The Mole on Netflix: Here Are the Reasons Why Reddit Users Believe Each of the Remaining Contestants Might Be the Mole; 2022 Update!

As of October 13, 2022, Netflix only has the first half of the season available to watch. Reddit users have examined how each of the remaining contestants has performed thus far and how probable we believe each of them is to be The Mole from where we now stand. Well, let's get started.

Joi Schweitzer

Since the series hasn't ended yet, we can't say for sure who the Mole is, but we do have some guesses. We'd argue that out of the remaining eight contenders, Joi Schweitzer (@joiridehigh_fit) seems to be the most likely one. It's hard to imagine that Joi, a commercial pilot, is so inept at reading maps that she'd destroy two missions (the Jungle and Train assignments), costing the team far more money than anyone else thus far after placing that huge bet after the Great Barrier Reef challenge.

We're also anticipating her decision to spend another $15,000 on the team in order to avoid the upcoming elimination; if she does, then she must be the Mole... or is she? There's still a good probability the double agent is one of the other group members.

Avori Henderson

Pro gamer Avori Henderson (@avoristrib) has had an unconventional approach from the start: she has purposefully raised suspicions about herself to encourage others to vote for her so that she is eliminated during the quizzes. This double bluff only really helps her in reaching the endgame if she isn't the mole, but it also increases the likelihood that she is the mole and makes it more challenging to determine whether she is or isn't acting in a molelike manner. Whatever the case, Avori is undoubtedly a company to keep an eye on.

 Casey Lary

Although we don't have many strong suspicions about Casey Lary (@caseylary) just yet, we wouldn't rule her out just yet either. She failed to help Greg in tricking the opposing team during the warehouse operation, and in episode 5, she played a less significant part as a member of the train team. You may also argue that although her efforts in the Great Barrier Reef challenge slowed her team down a little, they were nonetheless beneficial. Though Casey has so far drawn some of the group's suspicion, she doesn't seem to be anyone's top suspect just yet. However, this might still change.

Greg Shapiro

Since Greg Shapiro (@guidedbygreg) admitted he wanted to pull people in and make them trust me, we are likely to doubt him after he made a few moves. Together with Avori, he examined the office challenge's dossiers in episode 3 (costing the team $10,000), dropped the oxygen tank during the Great Barrier Reed challenge, and wanted to open the mission one clue's lock to lose money.

Despite this, he was able to steal the other two mailbags on the train, which would have been a simple assignment for the Mole to sabotage since the competitors only truly had one chance to take each bag and contribute the money to the prize fund.

Jacob Hacker

Even though we don't have many suspicions about Jacob Hacker (@jacob.eugene.hacker), there are two significant mistakes that work against him. Although there's a chance that these were honest errors and the fact that we clearly witnessed it in the show makes it appear like a red herring, Avori feels that he was purposefully hindering the bank heist mission by miscounting money.

In terms of the fifth task, he and Joi didn't arrive in time to collect their half of the cash, although it appeared to be mostly due to Joi's map errors. It is suspicious, though, that a firefighter wouldn't be able to finish a very short drive and navigate himself, as well.

Kesi Neblett

Kesi Neblett (@kesineblett) is undoubtedly a potential Mole contender. When she lost the one mailbag she attempted to acquire during the train mission in episode 5, she didn't exactly win Greg over, but that hasn't been her only mistake thus far. Avori didn't report the boat either, but she purposefully missed it, thus she wasn't a very helpful teammate during the warehouse task. She also didn't see the dinghy from the helicopter when the group was traveling to the Great Barrier Reef.

She also failed to recognize the key during the jailbreak task and didn't understand the code in the bank heist, and despite sitting on a detonator, she was removed from the food challenge (and therefore not being fed unpleasant stuff). It remains to be known if her errors are real.

Pranav Patel

We don't have a lot of reason to doubt Pranav Patel (@pranavpatel.jpg) because thus far he has proven to be a rather dependable teammate. As a member of the on-foot team during the train mission, he maintained track of the group's remaining time. He also proved essential in the second mission of episode 2 by discovering the password to provide his team immunity.

Nevertheless, he has made it plain that he is playing a game similar to Avori's and that he led the group that botched the bank heist task. Was that simply a result of Jacob's money-counting error? Or did Pranav deliberately make the currency conversions incorrect?

William James Richardson aka Will

The person we have been least suspicious of is William James Richardson aka Will (@_thewilliamjames). He has only added money to the pot thus far, and in one of the challenges we've seen, he even doubled the worth of a case of money. He chose the Foot Team in episode 5, and he made an effort to keep the other two team members, Avori and Pranav, inspired as they made the difficult 7-mile walk to deliver their packages.

Despite this, he frequently speaks out and intervenes to divide the squad into groups, which may be an effort to manipulate and control the other players into positions where they're more prone to make mistakes. Is his accomplishment simply an effort to conceal his true identity, given that he has stated that he wants some of the others to believe that he is the Mole after all?

Additionally, The Mole is currently streaming on Netflix.

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