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Dom Gabriel From The Mole: Find the Netflix Cast on Instagram & TikTok; Reddit & 2022 Update!

Oct 14, 2022 @ 7:17 EDT
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Dom Gabriel From The Mole: Find the Netflix Cast on Instagram & TikTok; Reddit & 2022 Update!

Dom Gabriel, one of the cast members of Netflix's The Mole, was eliminated in Episode 4 of the Netflix series. Some Reddit users wonder where he is now in 2022. Well, he resides in Toronto, Canada, where he works as a warehouse worker and performs as a singer-songwriter under the stage name DNTCALL. Similarly, he also has over 500k followers on TikTok. Follow to know more about Dom with his Instagram handle (@dontcalldom).

New reality series have been made available to viewers worldwide via Netflix throughout the 2020s. But The Mole, which premiered in 2001, is actually the show's most recent edition. A revival of The Mole on Netflix was announced back in August 2022. This served as the culmination for original series viewers who had been waiting for the program to return since the American version was canceled in 2008.

We get a true glimpse into how money and skepticism can turn people around as the series is a revival of the ABC original competition series of the same name. This is because the entire premise of the play is that 12 participants must compete in a series of tasks in order to win a hopefully sizable monetary prize, all the while attempting to spot the saboteur among them.

Out of the 12 contestants, only 8 are remaining till the end of episode 5. We have to wait till October 14 to see who gets eliminated next as three more episodes will be released on that day. Similarly, viewers of the show have been wanting to know about all the eliminated contestants. Dom Gabriel, who got eliminated in Episode 4, has gathered a lot of fans who want to know more about him. Well, we've got you covered.

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Dom Gabriel From The Mole: The Netflix Cast Was Eliminated in Episode 4 of the Series; Find Him on Instagram & TikTok; 2022 & Reddit Update!

If we're being completely honest, Dom Gabriel (@dontcalldom) wasn't just playing a straight game; he also made swift, close, and genuine contacts, which allowed him to quickly position himself as one of the most genuine candidates. His plan was to invest as much money as possible as rapidly as possible, while also carefully developing partnerships in an effort to identify potential moles through direct, trustworthy teamwork.

Although he is 6'4", heavily tattooed, and certainly competitive, the truth is that he could have easily taken on the unfriendly persona. However, 'The Mole' cast's soft personality just won out. Dom received a lot of praise from the host, his cast members, and the public, especially Reddit users, for the fact that his sole motivation for taking part in this reality series was to make money for his mother.

The Toronto native was raised solely by his mother, so even though he now regards her as his closest friend, he has always tried to return the favor in any way he can. Because of this, he tried his luck when offered the chance to enter the competition again right after being eliminated. However, he was unsuccessful, and he was sent home with only the experience.

After being eliminated, Dom Gabriel was given the choice to return to the competition, but his teammates prevented him from doing so. They then attempted a bank heist but were unsuccessful in stealing any money. Based on various puzzles, they were expected to steal exactly $10,000 in cash and jewels worth $10,000. Nobody was able to locate the right jewelry box. They stole over $700 more than was necessary, costing them the prize.

As far as we know, Dom is still a resident of Toronto, Canada, in 2022, where he works as a warehouse worker and performs as a singer-songwriter under the stage name DNTCALL. On his Instagram account, he has recently begun referring to himself as Netflix's first rockstar, which is, to be honest, the pinnacle of his natural confidence. Then his feed — which includes his music, professional modeling sessions, memories with his beloved mother, and even his emotional, nerdy side — covers every other facet of the 29-year- old's personality.

It's also crucial to remember that Dom works as a heavy machinery operator at a nearby Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream factory in addition to being an enthusiastic boxer and lyrical dancer, according to Netflix's Tudum. The developing artist has also already put out a few singles, including Truth or Dare, Drunk Texts & Missed Calls, Drowning, and 7 Minutes in Heaven, all of which are currently available for streaming on Spotify.

Additionally, he is quite popular on TikTok (@dontcalldom). He has over 500k followers and 24M likes on his TikTok account where he mostly posts comedy/humorous videos. Thus, Dom's career is only getting started right now, and we can't wait to watch what he does next!

Additionally, The Mole is currently streaming on Netflix.

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