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Is Joi Schweitzer the Mole? Netflix Update!

Oct 14, 2022 @ 3:38 EDT
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Is Joi Schweitzer the Mole? Netflix Update!

Many viewers believe Joi Schweitzer is the mole because of her lack of focus on every mission. Additionally, they believe she is being too obvious and her expressions seem to be fake during the elimination time. Follow to know why Joi has been suspected of being a mole in detail.

The Mole on Netflix is a remake of the same-named game show from the 2000s with a unique format created by Bart De Pauwe, Michel Vanhove, Michiel Devlieger, and Tom Lenaerts. Twelve contestants are involved in the series, and each of them must complete a number of challenges in order to add money to a pot that will eventually include the winner's prize. Unknown to them, one player is the designated Mole who is picked by the makers, who discreetly attempts to disrupt each work and cause the others to lose money.

Through each challenge, one person is eliminated following a voting process based on a quiz in which the competitors attempt to identify the imposter among them. The game show, which is hosted by Alex Wagner, puts the twelve contestants to the test not only physically but also mentally as they compete to avoid being suspected.

The suspected imposter is already the subject of popular hypotheses, but the team as a whole needs to identify the particular talent. Since the first five episodes of this rebooted spectacular have now aired, many of the viewers wonder if Joi Schweitzer is the mole. Well, let's find it.

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Viewers Believe Joi Schweitzer Is the Mole Because of Her Unwavering Focus on Every Mission: Netflix Update!

If we're being completely honest, Joi Schweitzer (@joiridehigh_fit) unintentionally set herself up as a mole the moment she entered the game because of how at ease and confident she felt. She also made it clear it would be impossible to tell when she was bluffing or double-bluffing while taking a high-risk leading position that didn't pay off. These actions didn't help her case. That's because, despite having a map in hand and being a commercial airline pilot by trade, she was unable to lead her small team to the proper location for the success of their very first mission.

Joi definitely lacked a convincing argument for this, and her behavior during the Brisbane jailbreak at Boggo Road Gaol during the second challenge also left more questions than answers. Did she really miss the key that was sitting right outside Kesi's door? Did she make every effort to look around her own cell for hints? Did she try to escape as soon as she could in the final seconds?

It's all open-ended, but there was clearly a suspicion about her, which was only momentarily put aside during mission #3 when she appeared to care more about money than anything else.

Things started to shift again when Joi decided to join the diving team for the Great Barrier Reef treasure search rather than the flying squad, which was by far her greatest strength. She appeared to be performing well in the water as a result, but the sensation didn't last long because the challenge was a failure, and she immediately withdrew $25,000 from the total $28,500 prize pool.

Joi casually said the money could be gained back before making this extravagant bet to ensure she received the elimination exemption because she felt utterly unprepared for it.

It is important to note that Joi was never a member of any team that contributed significantly to the pot, and this was true for both the fifth and sixth challenges. The latter, which required navigational skills, may have been her moment to prove herself, but she (together with Jacob Hacker) once again fell short in every way. She also admitted she would do anything—including preventing the group from adding another $15,000 to their depleted pot—to get another escape from elimination.

Therefore, either Joi is a fantastic performer or the game really did take a toll on her given the way her confidence has dropped from sky-high to low and her total disregard for the prize money. And we, for one, think it's the former, particularly given that she not only displayed no fear at all during the missions but also quickly managed to bluff her way to the potential $15,000/exemption. In other words, Joi is probably the mole because of her unwavering focus at every turn.

Additionally, The Mole is currently streaming on Netflix.

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