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Motomi from Love is Blind Japan: Find the Netflix Cast on Instagram!

Feb 24, 2022 @ 12:03 EST
Motomi from Love is Blind Japan: Find the Netflix Cast on Instagram!

Motomi from Love is Blind Japan is an advertising saleswoman who had the fear of marriage until she met Ryotaro. Motomi and Ryotaro formed their bond with a little conversation and now want to make their marriage legal as Motomi's Instagram hints a happy ending in the show with her partner. Reddit users wonder if Motomi and Ryotaro from Love Is Blind Japan are still together.

Motomi took blind dating to its logical conclusion by falling in love with Ryotaro while being separated by a thick wall. Following the success of its first season, the Netflix series paid a visit to Japan this time.

Love is Blind: Japan dating show in which competitors get to know each other entirely via talk and personality, with no consideration for appearances. Motomi and Ryotaro hit it off right away.

Fans have been hoping for the on-screen couple to have a happy ending since production finished. We took a check at Motomi's Instagram to see if she's dropping any hints, and it's looking fantastic.

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Who is Motomi from Love is Blind: Japan?

Motomi, a 27-year-old advertising saleswoman, entered Love is Blind: Japan hoping to find love. She immediately felt a connection with Ryotaro, a contestant with whom she eventually met and developed a bond.

However, he wasn't the only co-star she liked; Atsushi was also on her list. He was immediately struck off, though, when she discovered he desired a traditional marriage, which turned her off.

The audience then witnessed them having in-depth chats that covered all bases. It began with some small conversation before they moved on to discussing their strengths and flaws, as well as their pet Chinchillas.

They formed a bond by playing a game of rapid-fire, sharing their values, expectations, and stories from their history.

The Netflix star admitted to Ryotaro that she has previously been married. This didn't appear to be leading him in the wrong direction. Instead, they sent one other love letter in which he explained how he understood her previous relationship.

Motomi (@motomi_228) works in sales, although she also puts "influencer marketing" as a professional title on Instagram. If her romance with Ryotaro, a 32-year-old hairdresser, blossomed, it would make perfect sense since he could arrange her hair for photos!

The reality star also has a chinchilla named Pupu, who has his own fluffy Instagram account. @pupu stagram1912 is the pet's Instagram handle. On camera, the Netflix star revealed she was previously married in her early twenties.

Motomi looks to have a close relationship with her family and spends a lot of time with them. Her profession also appears to be well-paid, since she is frequently seen dining out, attempting nail art, and staying in expensive hotels.

Love is Blind: Japan Star Motomi's Instagram Hints at Happy Ending

Despite the fact that there are no images of Motomi and Ryotaro (@yamauchi_ryoutaro) on her Instagram account (yet), she has responded to various followers who have asked if they are in a relationship after filming. Her affirmative replies point to a possible happy conclusion.

When one commenter simply wrote that they “hope they are still together”, Motomi responded: “Thank you so much. Please watch the rest of the show and you’ll find out how we end!!”.

The Netflix alum looks eager to encourage other fans to keep watching the show, which would not be the case if their connection ended, based on how frequently she comments to other fans on her Instagram profile.

So, while the Love is Blind: Japan star's Instagram comments suggest a happy ending, this is unverified, and she doesn't appear to be revealing anything about a prospective romance just yet.

Ryotaro isn't as active on social media as some of his competitors. Ryotaro and Motomi said "I do" and married in front of family and friends on their wedding day.

A scene from Episode 11 of Love Is Blind: Japan, recorded three months after the wedding, shows them hand-in-hand. The couple has said that they want to complete the papers necessary to make their marriage legal.

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