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Mori and Minami from Love is Blind Japan: Meet Them on Instagram!

Feb 19, 2022 @ 12:55 EST
Mori and Minami from Love is Blind Japan: Meet Them on Instagram!

Mori and Minami from Love is Blind Japan are two contestants who bonded early on through their common Korean origin but faced difficulties while attempting to adapt their love to the real world. Discover their Instagram profiles and find out if Mori and Minami are still together.

The universe of Love is Blind continues to grow. Love is Blind: Japan is now available on Netflix, following the U.S. premiere in 2020 and a Brazilian spinoff in 2021. Netflix released Love is Blind: Japan on February 8, 2022.

Eight engaged couples were whisked away to a fancy hotel at the end of the first round of episodes to check if their physical connection matched the emotional one they formed without seeing each other in the pods.

Minami and Mori, for example, bonded early on through their common Korean origin but ran into problems when they tried to shift their relationship to the real world. Here's everything you need to know.

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Mori and Minami’s Love is Blind Japan Journey

Mori, who is 37 years old, had no intention of marrying until his friends told him that he hadn't met the ideal person yet, motivating him to join the cast of this Netflix original.

The cosmetic dermatologist had finally admitted that he needed a companion at his side, which meant he made every effort, to be honest in the pods while considering all possible candidates.

Only two ladies, Minami (@minami.170cm) and Ayano (@ayani0625), actually captured his interest with their attractive personalities, but they only had one thing in common: they were both Korean.

Mori and Minami developed their relationship on that strong first impression, talking about their childhood and describing how they want their future family to be.

Because these components, as well as their expectations, were a good match, he progressively gained a better understanding of the 26-year-old architect and her communication habits.

While Ayano's guard was always up, Mori recognized that Minami's sincerity always shined through, even if she said/asked the weirdest things at times.

As a result, Mori realized Minami was the one for him when he decided to choose the one "he just couldn't leave alone." That's when he admitted he wanted to stay at her side while she found out how to strike the right balance between honesty and kindness before proposing.

"Even if I were to go blind one day," he said. "I know that I would still be in love with you. Minami, will you marry me? " To this, she gladly said yes, adding, “I’ve always had you on my mind, Mori. But I never dreamed that it would turn out this way. I’m overjoyed.”

Mori sends Minami a flower after deliberating for a while in Episode 4. He informed her that he admires her honesty and that even her "awkward word choices" are lovely to him. The two then walked to the bridge to meet in person for the first time.

Are Mori and Minami Still Together?

Mori and Minami's first face-to-face meeting was both charming and embarrassing, especially given the fact that she couldn't even look at him due to anxiety. That was still in a good sense, implying that she loved his physical attractiveness, which he publicly expressed as well.

However, in the real world, challenges relating to the couple's vastly different communication methods and personalities eventually surfaced, threatening to ruin everything.

They had a heart-to-heart and agreed to keep working on their relationship, but that didn't last long. Mori told the director of Love is Blind: Japan in Episode 8 that Minami didn't want to film that day.

In other words, no matter how hard Mori and Minami tried, they couldn't balance their wishes with their partner's personality, forcing them to split ways peacefully.

There was a lot of heartbreak and pain throughout their relationship, as well as a lot of late-night arguments (no shouting matches), but there were also a lot of smiles.

As a result, none of them regrets a single moment of their lives, especially because it taught them numerous valuable lessons.

In fact, the movie, book, cuisine, and travel buff has subsequently revealed that she devoted 120% to the event, which she has no regrets about.

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