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Money Heist: What Did the Note Say? Ending Explained!

Dec 8, 2021 @ 14:18 EST
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Money Heist: What Did the Note Say? Ending Explained!

What did the note say on the Money Heist Season 5 finale? Find out what was on the Professor's note to Rafael, Berlin's son, in the dramatic series finale.

If you're looking for a bot of thrill this week, Money Heist Season 5 has got the perfect potion. Viewers of the series are eager to learn what The Professor wrote to Rafael in that much talked about note after viewing the dramatic ending.

The Professor sought to get his gang out of their most challenging heist yet in the final episode of Season 5, also referred to as Part 5.

Not only did the group have to fret the real cops, but their scheme was also thwarted by a parallel operation planned by Berlin's son, Rafael, and his ex-wife, Tatiana.

This is expected to be the final installment of Money Heist, as star Alvaro Morte earlier stated in a media briefing that the show is concluding to preserve the plot's quality rather than due to a lack of appeal - which we all know is definitely not even close to being the case.

Money Heist: What was on the Note?

While it is never disclosed what was mentioned on the note, we're quite aware that it was intended to inform Rafael that a share of the gold would be given to him.

As The Professor and Lisbon were removed from the rest of the gang by Tamayo, the police commander, Rafael and Tatiana were intercepted by Sierra, who had tracked down Rafael's rival scheme to grab the gold for himself and Tatiana.

Sierra addresses Rafael for a brief moment before handing him a note from The Professor. But what was written on the note?

We don't know the precise words The Professor wrote to Rafael in the note, but he was effectively forging an agreement with Berlin's son about partitioning the gold.

Ultimately, The Professor decided that it was only appropriate to give some of the gold to Rafael in order to commemorate his father — a compromise that effectively ended Rafael's interference with The Professor's operation.

Money Heist Ending: Did The Professor's Plan Work?

Yes, The Professor orchestrated and successfully pulled off the greatest heist yet, despite the fact that it was close at times.

The Professor persuaded Tamayo that Spain's economic meltdown would be resolved and that he would be regarded as a heroic figure for presumably discovering the gold.

What the populace didn't realize was that the recovered gold was actually brass-coated gold. In exchange for Tamayo's victory, The Professor instructed him to keep the brass gold hidden and let the real gold end up in the hands of the robbery crew.

Money Heist Season 5 is streaming on Netflix.

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