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Denver From Money Heist Korea: The Korean Denver Is Played by Cast/Actor, Kim Ji-hoon!

Jun 28, 2022 @ 6:50 EDT
Denver From Money Heist Korea: The Korean Denver Is Played by Cast/Actor, Kim Ji-hoon!

Kim Ji-hoon/Kim Ji-hun, one of the cast members of Netflix's Money Heist Korea, plays the role of Denver in the Korean version of La Casa de Papel. The actor very well fits as a tempered but soft-hearted soul. Furthermore, he falls in love with his girlfriend, Yoon Mi-seon, during the heist. Follow the article to know more about Denver and what happens to him on Netflix's 'Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area'.

It has been less than a year since Money Heist's final season premiered on Netflix, so it's time to dust off your red jumpsuit for a fresh take on the popular crime drama from South Korea.

'Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area' uses fresh cast members to play the same charming characters from the original movie, however, some of them you may recognize from other recent blockbusters. Although the series is primarily a direct remake of Money Heist season 1, some elements, most notably its high-concept idea, deviate from the original work.

We've all been aware of the characters, but the show does not really highlight Tokyo's narration or her love story with Rio. Denver, the hot-headed son of Moscow, seems to have gained a lot of attention in the Korean version of the show. Well, let's get to know more about Korean Denver right below.

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Who Plays the Role of Korean Denver in Netflix’s Money Heist Korea? Meet the Cast/Actor, Kim Ji-hoon, on Instagram!

A hot-headed and stupid young man named Denver is recruited into the robbery by his father, a skilled miner who goes by the name Moscow. He was once a notorious backstreet gang member and is very multi-faceted, knowing how to make the most of his skills. Denver provides the squad with a breath of fresh air with his warm and emotive nature.

Denver is also one of the most sympathetic thieves in the show. He initially comes out as a cold man, but as the series goes on, he reveals a sensitive side. Additionally, Denver is given the same love story as the original. Fans discover the relationship between Royal Mint employees Cho Young-min and Yoon Mi-seon as they head to the robbery.

Young-min is sterile, thus he does not accept Mi-seon's claim that she is pregnant. Denver grows fond of Mi-seon during the heist after knowing about her pregnancy and how Young-min has treated her.

When Berlin tells him to kill her for trying to call the police, Denver, who plays him in the original, pretends she has died. They rescue her life with the help of a few of the team members, and they subsequently fall in love.

Denver gives her a speech at the series' end about forgetting the theft, moving on, and meeting a decent man. Denver is upset when Mi-seon announces that she is quitting, but Mi-seon eventually kisses him. As in the original Spanish work, where Denver falls in love with a hostage, the conclusion sees them express their affections to one another, maybe signaling the beginning of a blossoming relationship.

Therefore, Denver is a very simple-minded soul, who does not think before he acts, and easily trusts people. Also, in comparison to the Spanish original, the Korean version of Money Heist really doesn't focus much on Tokyo or on Tokyo and Rio's relationship. Kim Ji Hoon, who plays Denver, is the only actor who is stealing the show. Either his excellent looks, performance or the character's backstory will draw you in as per many viewers.

As mentioned earlier, Kim Ji-hoon (@jiraishin99) plays the role of Denver in the Netflix series. The Golden Age of Daughters-in-Law (2007), Love Marriage (also known as Matchmaker's Lover, 2008), Stars Falling from the Sky (also known as Wish Upon a Star, 2010), and My Cute Guys (2012) are some of the TV romantic comedies in which he has appeared. He also made an appearance in the 2010 movie, Natalie.

Before leaving, find out if the show is the same as the original La Casa de Papel.

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