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Money Heist Korea Ending Explained; Why Does Anne Kim Slip a Note Into Woojin’s Pocket? Reddit Users Discuss on Why the Professor Planned the Heist!

Jun 28, 2022 @ 13:18 EDT
Money Heist Korea Ending Explained; Why Does Anne Kim Slip a Note Into Woojin’s Pocket? Reddit Users Discuss on Why the Professor Planned the Heist!

Some Reddit users seek an explanation of the Season 1 ending after watching Netflix's Money Heist Korea. Well, the professor explains why he planned the show. Anne Kim puts a note that the robbers were printing into Woojin's pocket. No major characters have died yet. Follow the article to know what happens at the end of the show as we have explained the ending in detail right below.

'Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area', the most recent Netflix original series, is a remake of the beloved 2017 original series. As the title itself suggests, the story takes place in Korea which indicates that there are new stakes, new approaches, and, of course, new faces in the show. The plot is also a powerhouse, therefore the cast members and characters aren't even the strongest part of this series.

Money Heist Korea is set in a time when North and South Korea have finally resolved their differences and come together. They have changed the Joint Security Area, a symbol of division situated between the two nations' borders, into the Joint Economic Area.

The Unified Korea Mint, which is now printing the new currency of Unified Korea, was demonstrated by the governments of the two nations. Targeting this Mint, the Professor plans to steal 4 trillion won from it.

As the six episodes of the series have been released, many viewers got confused about the ending. Well, here is everything we know about the ending of the show.

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Reddit: Money Heist Korea Ending Explained; Anne Kim Slips the Note Into Woojin’s Pocket; Here Is Why the Professor Planned the Heist!

We get a glimpse of the Professor's past in the season 1 finale. It turns out that up until a few years before the heist, he actually worked as a professional educator.

The economic effects of reunification, which aroused the interest of numerous prominent people, including Woojin's ex-husband Kim Sangman, used to be his primary area of study. He is currently regarded as the nation's next president.

Oh Jaeyun, who seems to be one of the most important business people in South Korea, was introduced to him by Sangman when they were at the Joint Security Area. He is the leader of a huge South Korean corporation, which promised to make a substantial investment in the North, as we can see at the beginning of the series.

The conclusion provides background for this. Evidently, Oh Jaeyun and the Professor collaborated to launch North Korea's full open-door economic strategy. Oh Jaeyun's organization provided the funding required for such a large undertaking, and the Professor created the strategy.

Tokyo's narration reveals that the Professor eventually regretted the partnership, despite this. Even J. Robert Oppenheimer, who is widely regarded as the father of the atomic bomb, is compared to the Professor by Tokyo. This suggests that the majority of people on the Korean Peninsula were negatively impacted by the Professor's work with Oh Jaeyun.

Throughout the course of the series, we only receive tiny pieces of news regarding the results of the unification. The initial excitement surrounding it has now vanished. South Koreans have been more unfriendly toward immigrants from the north.

Furthermore, the wealthy still hold onto all of the riches. The Professor probably planned the heist because he was aware that he had contributed to the creation of a Frankenstein's monster and wanted to expose to the public the inherent problems with his own economic strategies.

Similarly, Anne Kim slips one of the notes the robbers have been printing into Woojin's pocket. She has noted every fact that she and some of the other people have learned about it. The most crucial fact of all is revealed here: the robbers are printing money inside the Mint.

The criminals can print more money the longer the authorities wait. It is certain that Woojin will order a quick attack on the Mint if and when she reads the note, which will probably require the Professor to come up with a different strategy.

On the other hand, Moohyuk's superiors have informed him that there is a mole among the South Korean members of the Joint Task Force. Moohyuk initially believes that it cannot be Woojin, but the words of his superior officer almost convince him wrong. In the end, he admits to Woojin that he was mistaken about her and discovers a new person to be scared of who was Park Sunho, who also happens to be Woojin's boyfriend and the Professor.

Park is the only one who can see inside the main operating tent except for the task force members, therefore Moohyuk appears to have properly concluded that the leak could have only originated from the other man. Moohyuk has made the decision to find the Professor based on his suspicions.

However, he is unaware that Park Sunho and the Professor are the same person. Some Reddit users wonder if anybody dies. Well, the ending of the show doesn't show any major characters dying. However, we can expect some of them to die in Season 2 or upcoming seasons.

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