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Is BTS Cast in Money Heist Korea? Tokyo, Played by Jeon Jong-seo, Was Seen Dancing With DNA Playing on Her Headphone; Review & More!

Jun 30, 2022 @ 6:54 EDT
Is BTS Cast in Money Heist Korea? Tokyo, Played by Jeon Jong-seo, Was Seen Dancing With DNA Playing on Her Headphone; Review & More!

Tokyo, played by Jeon Jong-seo, was seen dancing on DNA by BTS in the first episode of Money Heist Korea on Netflix. The show is getting positive reviews all over the world and BTS further adds a charm for the fans. The band is definitely not cast in the show. Follow the article to know in detail about the popular boyband scenes in 'Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area'.

The most recent Korean-produced international smash on 'Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area' on Netflix. The top spot on the streaming giant's Global Non-English top ten ranking for the past week belongs to the Korean adaptation of La Casa de Papel (also known as Money Heist).

Since the series premiered on Friday, June 24, it had just three days to secure a spot on the list for the week of June 20–26. It has been getting a lot of positive reviews and was played for 33.7 million hours during that time. Additionally, South Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Thailand ranked the series as their top tv show.

Several videos are going viral on the internet since the release of the show. The one that has drawn the most attention, though, is related to the South Korean pop group BTS as the character of Tokyo, played by Jeon Jong-seo, is seen dancing to the hit song DNA by BTS in the first episode.

However, many are still confused about how. Well, we've got you covered. Here is how BTS is connected in the Netflix series.

Previously, we touched on the show's endingcast members, Rio, and  Denver.

BTS on Money Heist Korea: Tokyo, Played by Jeon Jong-seo, Dances on DNA by BTS in the Opening Scene!

Money Heist Korea's opening scene has drawn viewers in. No, it wasn't just that viewers were returning to the world of Professor and his robbery gang; it was also that the band BTS  brought curtains up of Netflix's well-liked Spanish show's Korean remake.

Major characters from the original Money Heist, including Tokyo, are featured in the show. Tokyo is a student at North Korea's Kim Il-sung University this time, not a getaway petty thief. She is also an ARMY.

In the opening scene of the show, Lee Hong-dan aka Tokyo (played by Jeon Jong-seo) is dancing while walking down the stairs while listening to the lyrics of the BTS song DNA on her headphones.

Like the typical calm before the storm, the show's creators use a BTS song to introduce a North Korean character and suggest that, despite the peninsula's possible division, it is still bound together by music and the boy band. Tokyo introduces herself stating,

“Fans of K-pop group are called ARMY. They have members all over the world. Ofcourse, there are ARMYs in North Korea too. It was second nature for me. Since I was a kid, I watched K-dramas, and I’ve always listened to K-pop.”

Tokyo seems like a typical teenager, hiding her rebellious side and the fact that she is in the Army, from the college steps to her carefree dancing in her bedroom.

Moreover, it wasn't the only time BTS was mentioned or the boy band impacted in the show. The other reference to BTS in the K-Drama comes from a news report that says the group will perform in Pyongyang next month.

Pyongyang is a city in North Korea. The news report implies that, in this fictional universe, the fact that the BTS concert has already sold out and suggests that the cultural interaction between the surrounding countries is proceeding considerably quicker than predicted.

Since they observed BTS having an impact on 'Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area', BTS fans and the ARMY have not been able to remain calm. Social media is flooded with their responses and videos. One fan tweeted, "bts concerts sold out in every universe #MoneyHeistKorea."

It's not the first time that BTS has been mentioned in Korean shows. The band has also been mentioned in the television shows Goblin, Penthouse, Lovestruck in the City, Crash Landing on You, Vincenzo, Melting Me Softly, The King: Eternal Great Monarch, Sisyphus, and Record of Youth.

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