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Did Millie Bobby Brown Try to Commit Suicide? Here's the Real Truth!

Jul 11, 2022 @ 6:03 EDT
Did Millie Bobby Brown Try to Commit Suicide? Here's the Real Truth!

Many fans wonder about Millie Bobby Brown's alleged suicide attempt. The actress who plays the role of Eleven on Stranger Things was attacked by online harassers, and a controversy has been spreading about Millie attempting suicide. Did Millie Bobby Brown try to commit suicide? Here's the real truth.

Sci-Fi genres are one of the most-watched, and the famous Netflix series, Stranger Things eventually released its fourth season and ended the long wait of its audience. Just within the days of the release of its episodes, the series has made it to be one of the most successful series to exist, and also brought colossal profit.

As Stranger Things got back after a huge gap, the series brought maximum heed to all of the actors and actresses who are portraying different roles in the series.

Millie Bobby Brown is an 18-year-old teenager who has played the role of Eleven in Stranger Things, and not only has she gotten fame but has also attracted people's questions regarding her personal life. Rumor has it saying that Millie once had tried committing suicide. Did Millie Bobby Brown try to commit suicide? Why is it trending? Let's find out.

Previously, we touched on Millie's best friend.

Did Millie Bobby Brown Try to Commit Suicide?

On 27th May 2022, the popular streaming media Netflix released the fourth season of the renowned sci-fi series, Stranger Things. Stranger Things is about the plotline which follows how some teenagers witnessed supernatural power. Millie Bobby Brown is a British actress and producer who has been playing the role of Eleven on Stanger Things.

Millie (@milliebobbybrown) first joined Stranger Things when she was just 12, and as a child actress, she rose to prominence. She was born on 19th February 2004 in Spain to English parents, Kelly and Robert Brown. One unfortunate thing about her birth is Millie was born with partial hearing loss in an ear but later, the hearing loss spread out and today, she is deaf in one ear.

Getting exposed to the media coverage wasn't that easy for Millie but with her cast as Eleven on Stranger Things, she received immense fame from the public. However, the fame wasn't just confined to positivity rather people started filling Twitter, tweeting about Millie's sexuality and were homophobic towards her. Moreover, people even sexualized her when Millie Bobby was just 14.

With all this, Millie Brown Bobby faced online bullying as well as harassment. This actually compelled the actress to quit Twitter. Also, on her 16th birthday, Millie wrote, "There are moments I get frustrated from the inaccuracy, inappropriate comments, sexualization, and unnecessary insults that ultimately have resulted in pain and insecurity for me."

When Mille was aged 15, she shaved off her head for the role of Eleven on the set of  Stranger Things. This is a big step that Millie had taken but the repercussions were bad. When she returned back to her normal life, her classmates bullied her and thus, she forcefully changed her school as well.

Talking about all of these, Millie Bobby said,

I was bullied at school back in England. So, it’s extremely important for me to speak out against bullying. I actually switched schools because of it, it created a lot of anxiety and issues that I still deal with today. I have dealt with situations both in real life and online that are soul breaking and it genuinely hurts reading some of the things people have said.

With what Millie had faced, many assumptions have been circulating on if Millie's situation had forced her in committing suicide. Fortunately, being blessed with supportive family and friends nearby, Millie Bobby Brown was able to overcome tall the negativities and learned to ignore what irrelevant people had to say.

So, to that point, it is good for Millie that she never questioned her life and thought about attempting suicide.

Is Millie Bobby Brown Dating Anyone?

The 18-year-old British actress, Millie Bobby Brown is in a committed relationship with Jake Bongiovi. As per what the couple has divulged, Millie and Jake Bongiovi (@jakebongiovi) started dating in 2021.

However, they haven't revealed much about their relationship so we do not have information on how they crossed their paths and started dating.

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