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Millie Bobby Brown's Disability: Deaf in Her Left Ear; Does Millie Know Sign Language?

Jul 10, 2022 @ 16:39 EDT
Millie Bobby Brown's Disability: Deaf in Her Left Ear; Does Millie Know Sign Language?

Millie Bobby Brown was born with partial hearing loss in her left ear and her disability gradually turned into full deafness. Let's find out how the Eleven actress from Stranger Things deals with her disability in her personal and professional life.

Stranger Things is ubiquitous, from covering all the social media platforms to being one of the hot topics for all the mem creators, this American drama series is back with a bang.

Recently, the fourth season of the series got released, and has made millions of profit from it. Primarily, Stranger Things follows a storyline of how some teenagers witness supernatural forces. Playing the role of Eleven in Stranger Things, the British actress Millie Bobby Brown is rising to fame just at the age of 18.

In 2018, Millie Bobby Brown was listed among the top 100 influential people and was even appointed as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. With the lead role in Godzilla: King of Monsters, Millie Bobby Brown played her first lead debut movie in 2019.

Later, in 2020, Millie Bobby Brown was also featured in another Netflix mystery movie, Enola Holmes. Along with fame and money, Millie Bobby Brown's disability has also brought a concern for her fans. let's get an insight into what her disability is.

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What Disability Does Millie Bobby Brown Have?

Portraying the role of Eleven in one of Netflix's greatest production, Millie Bobby Brown is an eminent British actress and producer. With the role of Eleven, Millie (@milliebobbybrown) has successfully won millions of hearts and has been rising to prominence.

Born on 19th February 2004 in Spain, Millie is the daughter of Kelly and Robert Brown. Many might assume Millie to be of Spanish descent because of her birth, but at that instant, her English parents were residing in Spain.

Just at the age of 12, Millie made her cast on the Netflix popular series, Stranger Things, and since then, she has been gaining maximum attention from the public. On the set of Stranger Things, we get to see Millie Bobby Brown for the role of Eleven.

Millie has confronted a lot of ups and downs from her media exposure. When she was just 14, she became the target of the Twitter audience and people literally started sexualizing the 14-year-old minor. They even were homophobic towards her and getting emotionally hurt by people's words, Millie Bobby Brown quit Twitter.

Recently, Stranger Things released its fourth season and that has also brought people's eyes catching on Millie Bobby Brown. Thereafter, the topic of Millie Bobby Brown's disability has taken up the media coverage, and now, people want to get to the depth of her disability. So, does Millie have any kind of disability?

Unfortunately, Millie Bobby Brown was born with a partial hearing loss in her left ear but with time, the disability spread out, and thus, she lost her whole hearing ability. To that point, her disability is that one ear is deaf but she hasn't let this disability create any kind of adverse impact on her career.

So, although Millie Bobby is deaf, this hasn't brought any complications to her life, and she tends to live a normal life. Meanwhile, it's unclear whether Millie knows sign language.

Is Millie Bobby Brown Dating Anyone?

The 18-year-old British actress and producer, Millie Bobby Brown is in a committed relationship since 2021. Millie is currently dating the actor Jake Bongiovi.

Jake Bongiovi (@jakebongiovi) is the son of the eminent rockstar, Jon Bon Jovi. Millie and Jon have claimed that they started dating in 2021 but they didn't clear our perplexity on how they crossed their paths and caught feelings for each other.

Although it's been just a year of their togetherness, they seem to share one of the strongest bonds, and maybe with time, their love and trust toward each other will grow more, and they might take their relationship to a greater extent.

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