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Midori from Love is Blind Japan: Find Her on Instagram!

Feb 17, 2022 @ 11:28 EST
Midori from Love is Blind Japan: Find Her on Instagram!

One of the contestants from Love is Blind: Japan, Midori Yasui, 38 years old, is an IT officer who likes to explore places and enjoys snowboarding adventures. Also, know more about Midori and Wataru's journey in Love is Blind: Japan. Are they still together? Let's discover Midori from Love is Blind Japan on Instagram.

Love is Blind: Japan is a dating series on Netflix that follows a group of singles as they attempt to find their forever mate without ever seeing one other.

It basically looks at the idea of falling in love with someone based only on their personality in order to answer the intriguing issue of whether emotional ties can actually surpass physical attraction.

Takashi Fujii and Yuka Itaya host the show. Only those competitors who are comfortable with such a commitment appear on the show.

The program's creators also choose participants from a variety of places, ensuring that the couples do not wind up in a long-distance relationship after the show.

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Who is Midori Yasui from Love is Blind Japan?

Midori Yasui was born in Japan and moved to the United States to pursue her education. Despite the fact that her degree is unknown, she now works for an IT business in Tokyo, where she now stays.

Midori has made a name for herself in the IT field; the 30-year-old was formerly a tech consultant, but has since moved on to greater and better things, and is now employed by B8ta Japan.

B8ta is a cutting-edge tech company that assists in the discovery of new technologies. Her position at B8ta is described in her Instagram account as “helping new technologies to be seen.”

Using our investigation capabilities, we also discovered something else in Midori's bio. She put three emojis of a scooter, headphones, and a game controller under her work description, which we believe are clues to her other interests and pastimes.

The reality alum is also a very active person who enjoys – and succeeds at – snowboarding. The Love Is Blind: Japan actress frequently shares photos of her snowboarding adventures at Mt Naeba in Niigata on Instagram. She travels not just for the purpose of practicing her snow sports, but also for pleasure.

Midori's Instagram (@doridori_midori) shows her spending the final few weeks of 2021 roaming around the most magnificent destinations Italy has to offer, including Rome, Florence, and Venice. She has visited a number of European countries, including Paris and Spain, and she clearly appreciates European culture.

Midori has also been considerably further around the world, spending time in some of the world's most beautiful places, including Thailand's Kho Samui and Australia's Gold Coast.

Wataru and Midori’s Love is Blind Japan Journey: Are They Still Together?

Wataru, a 38-year-old IT business executive who had previously been married, recognized that "title and income can be appealing qualities to women," which is why Midori attracted his interest right away.

Their occupations were one of the first topics they discussed, and the 30-year-old simply replied that she works in the IT industry as well, indicating her own goals.

The two then talked about everything from their families to their pets, as well as their past experiences and future expectations, during their time in the United States at different points in their lives.

The immediate comfort level between Wataru and Midori was undeniable, but it was the fact that they remembered specifics (such dog names) and were sensitive enough to know what was going on with the other that made them powerful.

Despite this, Wataru wasn't originally on board with the Business Planner, who admitted that simply thinking about him made her heart race, because he had also become close to Priya.

Wataru was evaluating his alternatives, and both Priya and Midori were aware of this. Midori, on the other hand, won him over with her patient yet forthright honesty, as well as the time and effort she put into knowing him while pushing things ahead.

It didn't matter that it was done through a presentation, which Midori believed was "maybe" a "overkill," because it allowed him to be honest about his opinions, which led to their involvement.

The relationship between Wataru and Midori appeared to be flourishing in the pod thanks to the latter's efforts; nevertheless, things changed as they met face to face for the first time.

Wataru made it clear that he thought her was quite gorgeous by frequently remarking that she had "exceeded his imagination", but Midori had a different experience. She had hoped for someone with "more delicate features," therefore his looks became a source of disappointment for her.

In terms of the couple's actual whereabouts, Wataru doesn't appear to have an active internet presence, and Midori's Instagram offers no clear hints, thus their formal relationship status is now unknown.

Nonetheless, given that they both apparently reside in Tokyo at the moment, and given their lack of long-distance relationship and their experience on Love is Blind Japan, we believe Wataru and Midori are still on good terms.

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