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Mary Mouser's Boyfriend: Who is Cobra Kai's Mary Mouser Dating in 2022?

Jan 3, 2022 @ 10:53 EST
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Mary Mouser's Boyfriend: Who is Cobra Kai's Mary Mouser Dating in 2022?

Mary Mouser is currently dating her boyfriend Brett Pierce for the last six years. She plays Sam on Cobra Kai. Learn Mary Mouser's relationship details in 2022.

Cobra Kai, themed on the movie franchise The Karate Kid, debuted on YouTube Red before being obtained by Netflix in June 2020. On the final day of 2021, the highly anticipated Season 4 debuted on the streaming site.

Cobra Kai depicts William Zabka as Johnny Lawrence, a disillusioned handyman. Lawrence's interest in karate has waned since the 1984 All-Valley Karate Championship, but he chooses to restart the Cobra Kai karate dojo after assisting a local youngster in escaping from a bunch of thugs.

In the meantime, Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) has a thriving auto dealership but is estranged from his family.

Samantha LaRusso, Daniel LaRusso's daughter, 16, is played by Mary Mouser. We've admired Mouser since her days on Body of Proof, and she's a pleasure to watch in Cobra Kai.

If you're curious what Mary Mouser's real-life dating status is, you've arrived at the correct spot. We've found the answers for you down below.

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Mary Mouser's Boyfriend 2021: Who is Mary Mouser Dating Right Now?

Mary Mouser is in a relationship with her boyfriend, Brett Pierce, for the past six years. They first bumped into each other at a party in 2015 and have been together ever since!

The couple recently marked their anniversary on social sites by sharing recollections and romantic messages for one other.

Brett, like his partner, is an actor. His notable TV includes Grey's Anatomy (2017), Scorpion (2018), Stuck in the Middle (2016-18), and A Million Little Things (2020), as per IMDb.

Mouser's Instagram feed is here if you want to see more images of the couple.

Karate Kid Season 4 is streaming on Netflix.

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